Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh My Stars

We have a lot of ground to cover here, people... so let's get right down to it.

Anyone notice the time stamp on my quickie post about "INK"? LOL. Yeah, you read right... 1:00 AM. Anyone want to guess why I was up at 1:00 AM? Do I have a tale to tell you...

Yesterday turned into a really stressful day for me. I had to do something I really didn't want to and I was pretty bummed out. So bummed out that I didn't want to work on the torch and I almost didn't go to last night's book club meeting. I am not going to go into what the thing was that I had to do... I am going to save that for another day. Anyway, Ron convinced me that I needed the break and I should go visit with my girlfriends for a few hours. I am glad he made me go, he was right... it was good to get away from the stress, if only for a little bit.

As book club wound down, I headed to my car. I saw my cell phone flashing. I am not one that has my cell phone on me very often. I leave it in my car, all the time. It is my "in case I get in a car crash and need to call 911" phone. I don't even have a real cell phone plan. I pay by the minute, in advance! But I digress. I get to my car see it flashing, flip it open... I have missed 4 calls. Who could be calling? I click the button that takes me to "recent calls" and my heart sinks. One word... HOME. Ron had called 4 times. I immediately dialed the number to see what is wrong and there was no answer. Then I notice the little envelope icon on the screen of my phone. Why doesn't the stupid phone say "2 New Voicemail" instead of "4 Missed Calls"... really now? I called in to get messages...

The messages were from Ron (of course) and it was about Lauren.

The first message was a frantic one. It seemed that suddenly, for no apparent reason, Lauren's eyes had swollen shut and were blistering. Being as close as we are to the move, lots of things are packed, including out address book with the doctor's phone numbers. Ron was smart and gave Lauren a quick dose of Benadryl, then googled the pediatrician's phone number. He called the "on call" office and spoke to the triage nurse. This is were voicemail number two comes in... they wanted her in the emergency room! Poor Ron, home alone with 3 kids while Mom is out at a book club party and suddenly he has to take one of the kids to the ER!! I must say, he handled it all very well. But the dear had no idea what meds Lauren was taking, couldn't remember if she had her tonsils out on Monday or Tuesday and forget about knowing her height and weight. Those are definitely "Mom" things to know.

I drove as fast as I could and was to the hospital just minutes after Ron. Thankfully the Benadryl took the swelling way down. Though she is still puffy, even this morning. More then an hour wait for a resident to tell us "looks like an allergic reaction" made for a very late night. We still aren't sure what set her off... could have been the Motrin she was taking for tonsil pain, could have been the amoxicillan she is on, could be the bowl of vanilla ice cream... who knows? We will be keeping a very close eye on her. What a week!!

Anyway, I quick checked email before heading to bed. With all the adrenalin I had last night, I couldn't have gone straight to sleep anyway. That is when I got the cool news about the blurb in the Messenger Post about my Demo and Trunk Show at JOOLZ! And yep... I will be there today!! The last time I had a trunk show, we had a good turn out, but I missed a lot of my local peps!! I hope this time you'll venture down to say Hey. I know gas is $4.20+ a gallon, but it isn't as far as you think and you can make a night of it. There will be art things going on all up and down Main Street. So come down... have dinner at the Culinary Center, taste some wine, wonder through Art Walk, and pop into JOOLZ to say HI!!


Leslie said...

So sorry to hear about Lauren's allergic reaction. It happened to my Madelyn with her Amoxil last month, swollen eyes and everything. I wish I lived near Joolz to come see your show! Take tons of pics! Would love to see your huge I know you will be! Take care! Congrats on the article in the paper too!

Leslie G.

Nancy said...

Oh Kerry ~ what a night! Hope you figure out what happened fast. Good luck with your trunk show. With all the gorgeous pieces you've been posting you should do really well!!

deehebard said...

Kerry...hope that your little one is on the mend! The poor thing...allergic reations are very scary when they come on so quickly. With all this crazy stuff going on in your life, some good things must be coming your way. Good luck with the demo tonight.

Lisa said...

what a night! Sounds like your husband came through quite well. Here's to a great show and a little bit of rest this weekend!

Lori Anderson Designs said...

I hope she's feeling better soon! When it's us, we procrastinate. When it's our kids, we jump over the moon, don't we?