Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wait Lists

I think that it is pretty apparent that I am not a patient person. I know I have an inner two year old and I accept that. I have grown accustomed to it, lol. I want a new glass color... I order it... I want a new tool... I buy it. Patience smacience. I don't do patience.

These past few months have tested my patience in more ways then I can name. A few things came to a head today, so to speak, and it has me reflecting on patience, and life lessons. So bare with me while I get a little introspective. I find myself in the midst of a life lesson in patience. I have had to be patient about the house, both buying and selling. I am learning better patience with my kids, their wants and needs. I am teaching myself patience in my business (because of the house) to save and buy better/more wisely.

In some ways, the lessons are paying off. I did better research and was able to save over $100 on some sterling supplies I needed. Then used my scrap metal to pay for what I needed to buy. In the past I would have just ordered what I wanted from the same old place for the same high price. So my patience did my business good. I am getting better with being patient with the kids too. It works... things are good with them.

In other ways, I am being pushed to be more patient. I received two letters today... one via email and one via my old fashion mailbox. The first was in the mailbox, a letter informing me that I have been put on the "Wait List" for the 2nd year in a row on an art show that I really want to be a part of. The second was the email saying I am on the "Wait List" for the other show that I was dying to do this year. I have been accepted to all the others I am usually accepted to, but these two continue to elude me. So, more waiting there and another year of trying to get "good enough" to get into those.

The other thing forcing me to be more patient is the house. Things didn't end up going well last night. The couple's realtor (who our realtor said is shady) convinced the couple that our house is too small. So... no offer on the house. And now, our final walk through is scheduled, our closing is scheduled... everything is moving forward and we have to be patient when it comes to this house. Ugh.

Okay, so I don't have any point to get to with this yet. I don't think you can have a point until you are finished learning the lesson. I guess I still have loads to learn in this patience lesson. I'll let you know when I have learned it.


deehebard said...

I am sorry that things did not well for selling the house...it must be a huge disappointment. The ups and downs of life can be very difficult. You have worked very hard to achieve your dreams.
As far as the shows go...WHAT THE HECK COULD THEY BE LOOKING FOR? Your work is wonderful, creative inspiring, unbelievable, and truly amazing! How can they not see your talent? The way I see it...it is their loss!

ellen said...

Oh, Kerry, I'm a whole lot older than you and I'm still learning about the patience thing.
I'm so sorry the sale of your house fell through. Damn that Realtor anyway.

Anonymous said...

Miss K, patience is a life lesson. You've made so many changes in the way you live over the past few months--I think it is really reflective of your inner growth, which shines out in your art. Patience, mindfulness, living in the now are all difficult, especially in a culture where we're told to be impulsive, spontaneous, and "why wait." No wonder it becomes a life-time lesson when what we're working on is constantly being challenged by most of what we see in the media and in the retail world around us, including the grocery store! Things will happen as they should, which comes down to another life-lesson, trust.

Lori said...

Patience is a very hard thing to master. Still keeping fingers crossed that all works out right

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Keep applying -- it took me four years to get into the one I really wanted to get in to.

Your stuff rocks out loud, you know?