Thursday, June 19, 2008

Long Overdue

I was scrolling down the blog here and realized there are far too few jewelry pics. I was at my desk this morning while chatting on the phone and came up with a couple new things. Plus, I owed you the photo of the second necklace I mentioned the other day.

"Circus Sailing" A yummy mix of red and turquoise. This bead has me loving "ruffled" edges!

"Western Pacifing" Pendant Coolest HOLLOW ever!! Made from ivory, silver foil and turquoise.

"Springy" bracelet I have never tried this style of "spring" links... I like 'em. And I came up with a new way of making one of those springs on one half of the link that runs through the bead. Very nice.

Time to get my backside in gear and make some more beads! If only I could find the time!!

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