Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Countdown... 10

I had a lot of fun (and it saved time) when I did the last show countdown in June/July. So, we are gonna do it again! It is just 10 days until The Fine Craft Show. Double torch sessions have started and I am gonna be kicking out tons of jewelry. I have design ideas coming out of my ears!

Since this is the first day of the countdown, I have one finished piece and photos of my monsterously messy desk full of work in progresses. You'll have to excuse my mess... I am working on it.

~ "Soggy Boggy" in Brights

I am super excited about the piece on the bust! Just wait till I show you how tiny those beads are.

This pile of beads is the start of another necklace and a bracelet too. Can you figure out which pile is for which?

This is one has me very excited too. It isn't even close to being done, but hopefully with in a torch session or two I'll have the beads done.

More tomorrow!


Cindy said...

This was a cool visit to your design board so to speak! Lots of pretty things in store it looks like. I like the "direction" your new necklace is going too! :-)

belvedere beads said...

mindboggling! (in a good way)

Tanya said...

Amazing!!! as always. I love how fun, animated and colorful your work is. It's so cheerful!