Monday, October 06, 2008

KABs Tags

I have new goodies!!

I am really excited about these. Last Thursday, when I finally had some free time, I thought I was going to working on painting some canvases. But, turns out I was wrong. I decided that I wanted to play with my PMC (Precious Metal Clay that becomes Fine Silver when fired) instead. I was thinking... if hot glass and hot metals fuse together, could I get powdered glass to fuse to PMC?

I was pretty sure it was possible. I see "enameled" jewelry all the time. Though, it was nothing I have ever tried before. I haven't done an experiment like this in ages. I learned a ton. For example, the glass fuses better to already fired PMC instead of dried PMC. Which means each piece is fired twice.

Anywho... I made the first one on Thursday and wore it all weekend. I love it. I polished it to a mirror like shine and I kept catching the reflection of it in windows and mirrors. I decided to make a "Limited Edition" set of them. Why Kerry, what do you mean "limited edition"? I'll explain. For these limited edition pieces, there will be no more of them made like this again... ever. They are limited to the 5 you see listed over on my website. In the future, I may revisit the design and do squares or ovals or diamonds, but, never again will you see these special little guys. You better go get one!!

Pop over to my Pendant Pandemonium page to get yours! And you know what? There aren't only cool looking... they are cool sounding!! The heavy metal discs clinking against each other with the glass surface makes them sound like dog tags. I love the sound.

Feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Love #5 - obviously someone else did casue they snagged it!


Anonymous said...

Miss K, L1 says they're cool, though he wouldn't wear one. Guess they aren't manly enough or something. All that polishing paid off!

Nonie said...

Love the tags! Brilliant! I bet they clink perfectly.

Wiley said...

Stunning! I love it!

ellen said...

The results of your experiment are great, Kerry.

Holly said...

love them! #3 & 5 are my faves.