Monday, October 20, 2008

Mane Attraction

Oh Oh Oh... I got another one. Check it out... a HOLLOW "Fringe" style necklace. I am thrilled with how this turned out and even more thrilled with the photo. Look at that picture... come on, you gotta admit, it's nice. LOL. I am calling the necklace "Mane Attraction" because the colors remind me of a lion's mane. Yummy orange red and yellow, perfect for Fall.

Now on to the Main Attraction... tagging. I have been tagged a lot and I have been lax in tagging back. I am a poor tagger because I don't know who to tag. I have a ring of blogs I read but don't feel I know anyone well enough to tag them. BUT, I have a solution. I have think I have been tagged enough times and by enough different people that I can retag the people who tagged me with new tags. Don't try to make sense of it... just go with it.

And please... if you tagged me, and I forgot about it, leave a comment and I will add your link in too. I will start with the most recent and go backwards in who I remember having tagged.

1) Carter tagged me with the "Seven Random Things" tag that has been running rampant on blogs everywhere.

Here are seven random things about me: I drink my coffee before brushing my teeth, I missed Grey's Anatomy last week, my favorite beer is Killian's Irish Red, I have a scrape on my elbow, I love the color teal and I am claiming it as my new favorite, I never had a detention in school, and last but not least I love peppermint.

I am retagging Carter with the "What are 5 things on your to-do list?" tag.

2) Angie tagged me too with the "Seven Random Things" tag (see 7 thing above, it is too early on a Monday morning to come up with 7 more).

I am going to retag her with the "Where were you 10 years ago?" tag.

3) Lori tagged me with a "Brilliant Blog Award" a while back. I think technicially I am supposed to pass the award on to 7 more people, but I am going to break those rules. Sue me if you want.

I am retagging Lori with the "Seven Random Things" tag!

4) Lindsey tagged me with the "What would you/where were you" tag game. For this one you are supposed to answer these questions:

What were you doing 10 years ago? - I was home taking care of a nearly one year old Jacob and about to find out I was preggers with the baby that would be Andrew. I had nothing in my life but Ron and Jacob. No art... no crafts... no nothing. I even had to give up my cat because he wouldn't stop peeing in Jacob's crib. It was a sad time personally, good time familywise.

What are 5 things on your to-do list? - I would like to see Rome, I would like to see Ireland, I wanna be on TV someday, I need to vacuum the stairs, and I am going to bake bread today.

If I were a billionaire... - ... maybe the kids would quit bitchin' about not having a Wii.

I am retagging Lindsey with the "Brilliant Blog" award.

5) Melissa tagged me with a "Brilliant Blog Award" as well.

I am going to retag Melissa with the "If I were a billionaire..." tag.

I have a fuzzy memory of someone tagging me with the "Have A Nice Day" award too. But no amount of googling myself found that link, lol. So maybe that one was in my head. Have you ever googled yourself? I googled "Kerry Bogert" and there were something like 15,900 hits! And at least 15 pages of links before the hits were for John Kerry, lol. It is weird how many "kerry bogert and jewelry" things there were. I didn't add the "and jewelry" part, it just kept coming up in unidentifiable languages and lead to dead links that didn't exist. Really weird.

This concludes our tag game for the day. Retaggers, I am not going to your blogs to tell you that I tagged you. If you see this and want to carry on GREAT, go for it... if not, that is okay. I was never any good at chain letters either.


Jennifer said...

oh Kerry!!! That necklace is GORGEOUS! I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

kerry, love those fall hollows; the spots, oh how i love the spots!! beautisimous! lisa d., portland, oregon

Kristen said...

Kerry, VERY cool necklace! I like this one a lot! Great colors!

Anonymous said...

Lovely necklace!

Kathy said...

Hi Kerry,
I love that new necklace. The colors really pop.