Monday, October 27, 2008

Things My Kids Say

A conversation between Jacob (age 10), Pappy (my Dad), and Me.

Jacob: Hey Pap, would you say this country is a democracy?

Pappy: Yes, yes it is a democracy. Why, what would you call it?

Jacob: I say it is a Republic.

Insert ramblings about the difference between the two and comments about subborn elephants and jack asses.

Me (chimming in shaking my head knowing where this coversation is going): Wait till you hear who Jacob wants to have be president Pap.

Pappy: Who do you want Jacob?

Jacob: John McCain.

Pappy: And is John McCain a republican or a democrat?

Jacob: He's a democrat.

Me again: Wait I minute... I know why he thinks the country is a Republic... because Republicans are in power, lol... and when Democrats win, it is a Democracy.

Jacob: Well, yeah.

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