Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ode To My Gel Pen

From where or whence it came, I know not... nor do I care. From the first stroke on paper, I knew it was love.

If you don't have one, stop what you are doing, and go get one. LOL.

Yes, I really am blogging about a pen. I have no idea how this thing found its way into my house. But I found it the other day. And first, I used it to write a list of things I had to pick up at the store. Then, I used it to fill out the kids school-picture-day-envelopes. Heaven, people. Smooth gliding ink... rich black color... I swear, my handwriting improved instantly.

I sat down for a bit yesterday with my sketchbook and my new found gel pen. I had ideas tumbling in my head and it was time to get them down on paper. My stars, the pen even made my drawings better. I can't stop thinking about the pictures I drew and making the cool bead ideas that are on those pages. And all because of this wonderful pen.

And, if that weren't enough... I even used it to sign my book contract. Sigh... I feel like such a grown up with my fancy gel pen.

Oh, and I hear them come in other colors too.


Michele H said...

This is pretty sad, but I have a rainbow of 9 different colored gel pens at work so I can coordinate my writing with my outfit!!! I have them in orange, green, maroon, turquoise, navy, black, red, blue, fuschia. So I can relate to your gel pen fixation. Teeheehee!

Anonymous said...

i love gel pens too! just picked up 2 packs the other day! i love the way they glide so easily on paper, but..i have to use a pencil for sketching! not sure if we are supposed to post brand names so i won't for now. kind regards, lisa d., portland, oregon.

Michele H said...

Oops, I left out my important purple gel pen. Can't forget that one since some of my favorite clothes are purple.

Kerry said...

oh good idea Michele.

You post brands Lisa, I don't mind.

My pen is from RoseArt.

ellen said...

Jumping in the shower as we speak and then out to buy some dang pens. Thanks, Kerry, another addiction comin' my way!

Anonymous said...

the brand i use is inexpensive; pilot. love them! lisa d., portland, oregon