Saturday, October 25, 2008

Soggy Boggy

We are hunkered down in the living room today mindlessly glued to the tv and diligently adding logs to the fire to fight the wetness outside. Yeah, the weather is crappy... all dark and gloomy... cold and wet... rainy and windy. Of course, my favorite kind of weather. And no, there is no sarcastic tone in my blogging. I really like days like this. I like being a hermit and beautiful weather makes me feel guilty about curling up and hiding inside. Today I get to do what I love and with good reason!

Alas, I can't spend all my time under a blanket ignoring the world. I have been working on jewelry too. The mailman brought me a big ol' package from my favorite seed bead place out in CA... I am still holding strong to my "Lemonade Stand For Art" philosophy but in doing so, I renewed my love for working with seed beads and my color choices have dwindled dramatically. It was time to refresh that. I got lots of bright colors... and opaques too. And bigger sizes. I don't like tiny seed beads with big glass beads.

Anyway, I feel like I am rambling and forgetting what I meant to blog about. Oh, yeah... I made a new necklace today, lol. I am calling this style the "Soggy Boggy" necklace. I like the way two cone shaped beads frame a hollow. I see them together and think they were made for each other. At the same time though, you need something to play with and give the necklace a little flexibility. So, I added a little coil of wire and some spinner big hole ringy things. It is simple design, a perfect with jeans and a tee shirt design, a toned down yet still colorful design. I can't wait to make more of them in different colors.


Anonymous said...

Is that clasp made with seed beads, too? I love it all. Maybe it's because I've become more of a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal? Looking forward to seeing the other color combinations you'll have.

Cindy said...

Hey Kerry
I like your new necklace! I love the cone shapes and the colors. It reminds me of a surfer girl necklace in the photo where you're wearing it...really cute!

Kathy said...

I love it Kerry it is gorgeous.
I would but it. I really like that style.

pam ferrari said...

I love it.

Lizzi said...

I love your work!

Greetings from Germany


Anonymous said...

OMG! i was looking at your gorgeous new necklace and thinking in my head, i sure like those seed beads, i think i will email kerry and see if she will tell where she buys them. no kidding! then i scrolled down and there it was. thanks! do you mind sharing what size you use, ie. in this beautiful necklace? maybe 6 or 8? i especially like the opaque colors too. thanks! lisa d., portland, oregon.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! I love it!

Michele H said...

Definitely more my style than the Party Guest. Love the colors, love the combination of seed beads, big beads and wire. This is a keeper.

Kerry said...

Thanks everyone!

I thought this one might be more up your alley Michele.