Sunday, October 05, 2008

Weekend Warriors In More Ways Then One

My stars, I am sore.

We have had a wild couple of days where some MAJOR home projects suddenly got knocked off the to-do list.

First up was 13 hours in the basement on Friday. Remember last Monday when I told you that we bought a new front loading washer? Well, it couldn't be hooked up. Apparently the old washer was more then 20 years old (it was here when we moved it) and the hoses were so corroded onto the water spickets that the handles broke. So, no water + no washing machine x 5 people = so much laundry it's scary. We intended to move the washer and dryer to a different area of the basement from the get go. The dryer was attached to a 20ft hose that was a fire waiting to happen. Moving it meant we could make a safer vent and we could bust up the nasty old concrete sink that is falling apart. We started the project, with the help of Ron's Step Dad, around 8am on Friday. Five Lowe's trips and 13 hours late, I was washing the fist load of laundry.

Then came Saturday... remember when I told you all about the final walk through at this new house? Well, as a quick refresher, when we walked into what would be our new backyard, we discovered that the two HUGE trees in the backyard were dead. It was heartbreaking. These trees were gorgeous. My cousin Charity's husband, Brad, and his family, just happen to be tree removers on the side. The project started around 10am under a bright and sunny sky. It ended around 8pm, well after dark, under a cloudy and cold sky. This was such a bigger under taking then we expected. There is so much wood!! But thankfully, it'll be put to good use keeping us warm all winter.

I put together a slide show of the day. Check it out.

And if you'd rather not sit and wait for all the pictures to scroll through, hop over to my Flickr gallery. All the photos are there in one set.

If all the projects weren't enough... today will have us spending the afternoon at the football field. Jacob plays for the Jr. Warriors and today's phrase of the day is "Win and You're In". The boys record at the moment is 4-1. If they beat Fairport today then they will go 5-1 giving them the second best record in the league. Which means, they would make it to the championship game!! "Win and You're In"

Win or lose, it is going to be an exciting game.

Okay... that is all I got.

Nope, wait. I have new jewelry to show!! It is an exciting experiment with PMC and Enamels!! Ah, I think I'll make you wait for tomorrow on that one.


Libby said...

Family - what a wonderful blessing. And whatever it takes, you're creating such a warm, beautiful home. Your yard is just incredible.

Anonymous said...

beautiful back yard! too bad about the trees; the cycle of life and death is difficult to accept isn't it? i'm sure you will make it all your own, in no time. lisa d., portland, oregon.

Kerry said...

Thanks ladies,

Yes I am very blessed to have a big family. There is always someone who does what you are working on.I am hoping my son becomes a doctor,lol... cause that is the only professional we don't have to call on. ;)

And oh our old trees. It is a shame they couldn't be saved. Unfortunately it wasn't anatural death. Two owners ago put in some fill to raise up some areas of the yard. The fill is asphalt and concrete. It is leeching into the soil and started to kill the trees. Bummer.