Sunday, October 05, 2008

Orphan Works Legislation

Have you heard about this? Stop for a second and listen to this video.

This is a very scary possibility. If I make something and share a picture, suddenly anyone and everyone has the right to take it from me? Unless, I pay to say it belongs to me and has value? But wait, there is no one to pay? It sounds ludicrous, but it has already passed in the Senate!! Please, take a moment to post this video on your blog, then read this article for more information, and there is more details here.

According to this blog, there may still be time to get in touch with your House Representative. With all the "Bail Out" stuff going on, the voting has been put on the back burner for this. Go to THIS WEBSITE to contact representatives with just a couple of clicks. Look, I'll make it even easier... go here: And type your zip code, then fill in your address. How hard is that?

Thanks to Margot Potter, for posting this video on her blog. Now you go post it on yours.


Anonymous said...

Letter sent!

Kristen said...

me too!