Friday, October 31, 2008

7... BOO!

I almost forgot I had a holiday thrown into my countdown. I should have planned something special. I think you all know by now that I tend to shy away from making "theme" jewelry. There are already so many designers that make it that I am quite happy to stay making the jewelry I do. Unfortunately, that means I don't have any cute pumpkin earrings or candy corn bracelets to show. Oh well. I think you are going to like what I do have to show today though!!

Side Swept ~

When I previewed this one yesterday, Holly asked what is like to wear an asymmetrical necklace. It is kinda like wearing a asymmetrical dress or shirt. You only have a strap on one shoulder, and it is an odd sensation at first, but by lunch you hardly notice it. The big swoop on the right side there really balances the weight of the beads on the other side. So it hangs "just right". It doesn't move around, it hangs just the way I wanted it too. It has a rather aquatic mermaid-ish feel, don't ya think?

Mystery Design ~

I previewed this one yesterday too. And this necklace has quickly become my favorite "anytime" necklace. I have worn it while running errands out and about town. It is a little bit of color and flair to add to jeans and a nice top. The clasp it the "mystery" in the design. In yesterday's pic, I don't think you could tell where I hide it. Now you can see, it is right up front, lurking behind that fantastic focal. This piece is reminding me of a cut flower. Can you see that? The bead is the flower, with the wire wrapping the stem.

(Insert Clever & Appropriate Name Here)

I think I saved the best for last today. I have been working on this piece all week! Last week when I asked y'all to tell me some of your favorite designs that I should revisit, Laura said she wanted to see another "Don't Do The Dishes". After thinking for several minutes, lol, I finally remembered which on that was and couldn't stop thinking about revisiting the design. I took all the comments from last time to heart and changed things up a lot. The beads are smaller, and travel farther around the neckline. There are a whopping TWENTY NINE hollows in this one. If it was a "statement" piece before... it is a "soap box speech" this time around. It is going to grab attention from any and every corner of the room. The colors are rich blues, periwinkles, and purples. And, it is heavy. Sorry, I made the beads hollow, but it is still a boat load of glass, so it has some bulk to it. I love it, but I have a feeling it is going to be reaction provoking. It'll either be a love it or hate it kind of design. I am doing to admire and adore it for a while, if no one wants to buy it, then I'll take it apart and we'll have some fun sets of hollow for the Bead Box!!

Now, you need to give me some name suggestions for it.


Anonymous said...

The new necklace reminds me of bubbles. How about bubbles of blue??? Keep the goodies coming. They are so inspirational.

Michele H said...

I thought of blueberries when I saw it. How about "Blueberry Bouquet"? (though it's not as clever as so many of the names you come up with) I love those blues. I like this better than the original though I agree that this still might be too heavy with so many beads. I think the design is evolving in the right direction.

Kerry said...

Thanks ladies!

Michele, I like the bouquet part of your suggestion. Hmm... I am thinking "Bouquet of Bubbles" might work or "Bubbling Bouquet".

Anonymous said...

the blue bubbles are gorgeous colors; love the look.lisa d., portland, oregon

LLYYNN said...

Kerry, love that 'Been Seen at Art Bead Scene' sticker on your sidebar, thanks again for the interview it is fabulous - And what fantastic new designs, happy All Hallow's Eve! Blue Orbs, those beads remind me of midnight blue moon in the starry sky.

Marieke said...

Oh my I have been drooling over your designs for a while now. Never dared to comment her thow, but seeing this stunning blue bubble necklace I simply had to write you how much I love it! Your work really is a big inspiration!

I wish I could help you find the perfect name to go with it, but I'm afraid my knowledge of English has it's boundaries since it's not my native lanquage.

Kathy said...

hey kerry,
what about "a taste of midnight bubbly"
I love the different shades of the blue.
Or what about purple pansies.

Kerry said...

Thanks again again everyone!

Okay, now I am thinking "Blue Moon Bouquet". I will be sure to let you all know when I settle on a name!!

Welcome Mariake! I hope you'll come back and comment more! You are welcome here :)

pam ferrari said...

I think the name should be Mini Chihuly, They are as beautifull. Anyone in the glass world will know. You won't toot your own horn but we can for you..... Absolutely breathtaking... Pam