Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ushering In October

Okay, okay... I know I was thinking I could tell you my big news, but I can't yet. I don't want to jinx it so I am not gonna do it until just the right time. I am actually thinking I will do something special to announce it... hmmm... maybe a video. I haven't a made a video in over a year!! (and NO, I am not preggers... don't even think such things.)

I am very pleased to inform you that I met my deadline yesterday. I finished my tutorials and the final pieces that are to be photographed for the new book. I packaged it all up, and emailed the book's author. She loves everything... YOO HOO! She thinks they'll all be a great additions to the book and what about the 5th one? Wait, we never decided on a 5th design. How about doing this one or that one? Okay, will do. So today I am scrambling to pull together one more tutorial and finished project. Not a bad way to spend a rain soaked fall day in New York.

After Monday evening/Tuesday's balance frustrations, I am kinda feeling full of myself today. I feel like I am making good adjustments. I want to thank you all for the emails you sent and for ranting right along with me in the comments. I think Holly said it best... "there just aren't enough hours in the day." But, Jacob is getting on track, even if it meant that I had to drive him back to school yesterday for homework that was forgotten. (yeah, dude, it's the second day and you forgot your homework already? you're grounded) Andrew is getting what he needs from me. He has had a difficult start to the year mostly because he tends to be manic this time of year anyway plus moving/new school/new friends has sent him on a roller coaster. But, we are working with his teachers and doctors so I am hopeful there. Lauren is rockin' on with her bad self. Ron has a million and one projects but I found time yesterday to step in and help him a bit too.

Now it is time to balance me out a little. I have been missing out on my usual morning blog reading routine with my new juggling routine. So, this morning I took sometime to read through all my favorites. There are some really cool things going on out in blogland right about now. Lots of creative juices flowing. It makes me wanna do some creating of my own. I haven't painted in ages... I think I will work on some canvases today. My "Garden of Glass" could use a little tending, don't ya think?

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