Friday, June 26, 2009

3 Peas In Pods

Renee & Jill's Book Club Baby Bellies
Last night, at book club, we had a surprise baby shower for our three pregger Mommas to be. A couple of weeks ago, I shared some pictures of yarn I bought to knit up three little baby sweaters. I am happy to report, I was able to get all three done in time! Book club was a blast and the ladies were really surprised. The bellies above belong to Renee and Jill. We missed Olga last night.

Here are the three tops with what details I could link to, otherwise, it is all on Ravelry!!

Olga's little one's sweater
This periwinkle one is for Olga's baby boy. I used the cast on details of another baby sweater I have made, then made it up after that. You'll see each top has seed stitch in it, and all have the same buttons too. This yarn is Berroco Comfort.

Renee's little one's sweater
This one is my favorite of the three!! This is the "Manly Man" vest for Renee's baby boy, Max. The yarn is Cascade Super Wash. This is so soft and such a pretty shade of green. I love love love it.

Jill's little one's sweater
Last is a little orange number for Jill's little one. It's a variation on the "Mossy Jacket", with the yarn being Reynolds Odyssey.

Cute huh? Makes me wish I knew how to knit when my kids where little. I would have had a house full of hand knits. *sigh*


Gardanne said...

Kerry you are so motivating me to go beyond scarves.

Lorelei said...

how cute!!
can you make a large sweater like that coral colored one for an adult? how awesome. I love it.

mairedodd said...

so sweet... and so you in the colors and neat designs... they will treasure these handmade gifts...

Ellen said...

Those moms must be thrilled with your beautiful hand made gifts.
Good on ya, Ker.

Lisa said...

How sweet! I'm almost done (1 row left) with a shawl and I've dumping crocheting for knitting!