Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Metallic Popper & Pillow Talk

Metallic Popper 2
While I was in Loveland, the bed I slept in had the BEST pillows. So soft and so smooshie. My head just sank right in and I was out like a light. In total there were NINE pillows on the bed. Six were decorative, and three for sleeping.

Now, my bed at home, if has six pillows in all. Three for me, three for Ron. Two of them are king size pillows for our king size bed, though they are far from fluffy. Two are flatter then pancakes and probably 1 years old. And the other two are somewhere in between the flat pancake and the far from fluffy. Each night when I climb into bed, I throw the "in between" pillow on the floor, and sleep on my flat pancake pillow and my king size, far from fluffy one. It works. I have tried using the pillows in a different order. Ya know, using the mid-sized one with the flat one or the mid-sized one with the king one. Those nights, I don't sleep so good.

So, yesterday I was wandering around Target. (One of my favorite things to do!) And I thought... "I should check out the pillows! Maybe I could get ones for our bed like the ones at the apartment in CO. Yes, Yes, Yes!". I wandered up and down the pillow aisle. There were firm ones, soft ones, smooshie ones, down ones, and down free ones. Prices ranged from $3.99 to $29.99. I instantly ruled out the firm ones... and the prices ruled out the down and down-free ones. That left me with soft ones or smooshie ones. I went with the $3.99 smooshie ones, LOL.

I was so excited to get home and try out the new pillows. Ron teased and said I should have gone to TJMaxx and looked for Nautica Pillows, lol. But no I was convinced, my smooshie $4 pillows would be great. Hello? Wouldn't anything be better than flat pancake pillows? With fresh clean pillow cases, I set to try to get to sleep at around 10pm last night.

At first, my head hit that smooshie pillow and it was cradled in all kinds of smooshiness. *sigh*

But then... slowly but surely... I became uncomfortable. I was punching and prodding the smoosh. I was twisting and turning. I tried different layer options too with the flat pancake pillow and then with the king size one. My new smooshie pillow wasn't smooshie, it was springy!! It was a firm pillow in disguise!! You put your head down and *think* that you are in a happy smooshie place but NO! It springs back and gets firm and soon you find yourself bashing your head against it tryng to find the smooshie spot again. DANG IT!

After a thirty minute fight where the smooshie pillow won, I was back to my king size far from fluffy pillow and the flat pancake one. Oh well... the hunt for the perfect (and inexpensive) pillow goes on.

As for today's jewelry!! This is "Metallic Popper", and new favorite. I wore this to a part on Sunday and I just love it. There are 72 small metallic silver plum rounds strung to hang the big popper pendant and they have an almost mirror like finish to them. The big lime green hollow is just the right contrasting color for the plum and pink. LOVE IT! And just a little more of the vintage enameled oval and round chain. *sweet*

Metallic Popper Worn


Jo said...

Ummm yummy colours! I do love your new flower necklaces.

I know what you mean about the pillows. I would love to get some new ones but never seem to get it right. I think that I need to up my price range a bit. Afterall, I could have bought really expensive perfect ones with the money I've wasted on cheaper, get lumpy really quickly ones!

Anonymous said...

First I want to say that necklace screamed my name. I love it.

Ok, now for the pillow. I have been on that hunt for a long time and have tossed out the pillows that didn't work. I finally found my "dream" pillow when I went with the ones filled with buckwheat. You have to get used to the hulls moving around but once I did, I slept so well.

Tammy M.

Cindy said...

Ron is right, I paid $10 for Ralph Lauren pillows, but at Burlington Coat factory, I love them. We've had them a few years now and they are still good.

Hearts of Glass said...

Beautiful piece! I love the way it contrasts with the black. If you decide to go with down, make sure it's goose down - duck down is stanky! :) But that buckwheat idea is intriguing... I'll have to check that out! I love white noise when I'm sleeping.

Holly said...

I think that's my favorite flower necklace so far.

pam ferrari said...

I love this one!

Cindy said...

I understand about firm versus smooshy pillows. I have preferences too. :-) I love, love, love this necklace! Wow! And I'm amazed that 72, I repeat, 72 spacers went in to making it!!! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hah!! That same exact thing happened to me last weekend I went to Target and bought the $3.99 pillow too. My neck was so SORE and STIFF, I gave it to my teenage son. He loves it. I don't know why.

Kellie C.

Fire Phoenix said...

Love the necklace! I like the double chain especially, actually, makes it that much more stylish and unique.

Pillows are one of those things that, if right, everything else falls into place. Cause if you get a good nights sleep, then your whole day is perfect! I prefer the biggest pillows you can get, so you can bury your head in them.

Michele H said...

Wow, I love the colors in the flower. The lime center just pops.

Pillows are funny things. People just like theirs so. Mine is almost flat as a pancake and that's how I like it because I sleep on my stomach.