Friday, June 05, 2009

It Ain't All Junk

Make Mine Mint

Now what kind of lampwork bead making, wire working, book writer would I be if I did all "junk" pieces for next week's show? LOL. Ya knew I was gonna make some all glass n' wire stuff, didn't ya?

Up top is a piece I am calling "Make Mine Mint". It is the same design as "Spring Into Action" but the colors are inspired by "simple bloom". It is so soft and light with the etched surface of the beads. Yep, they are all hollows. I have done lots of hollows lately, haven't I? I reworked the design slightly. I have some fine sterling silver rolo chain just small enough to fit the hole in the beads. These "springs" tend to pinch in just a bit with the weight of the beads against them. So, even though to string it the right way, eventually, there is beading line exposed at the ends. Yuck! I much rather see a small bit of exposed chain than exposed beading line. There is more vintage chain too. Actually it is a big chunky layered chain necklace that I found at an estate sale for $2. Nice.

Down below is "Cosmic Pop". Oh. My. Stars. I am in love with Dark Periwinkle and Coral Orange. I used to love all things turquoise and orange... but now it is all the dark periwinkle. I have really been enjoying my torch time and working with my glass. I am liking playing with the shape of the bead, and exaggerating the size of those shapes. So you'll be seeing lots more of these shapes showing up in my work. I am also suddenly addicted to making spheres. Yeah, spheres! Perfectly round little goodies, not the usual doughnut shaped beads. So more new designs with those coming soon too.

I have a confession to make. I have been creating in utter swill and chaos. I took photos of my desk yesterday and it was an embarrassing site to say the least. I am pretty sure there was mold growing in one of the coffee cups I had there... ew. So I spent a good hour cleaning things up. Oh how happy that makes my inner OCD-self "Carrie", lol. It was a long time coming. I actually had to have 16g wire overnighted because my desk was so messy that I didn't know I ran out!! It is so much easier to create in cleanliness then in chaos! After the desk cleaning, I set to making beads and after four straight hours, my kiln was over flowing. And when I opened the kiln this morning and pulled the beads out for cleaning.... eeeekkkkk... I squealed. I am loving them!! I will give you a hint... think BRIGHT... and think "Ring-A-Ling".

cosmic pop


Kristen said...

Awesome Kerry! Love the colors in Make mine Mint! And the sphere shape is great! Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see what you do next! :)

Christine Brandel said...

OMG, I love LOVE those two pieces!

Dark periwinkle is my new fave glass these days, is fantastic with CiM's Creamsicle, too, and a beautiful blue to put with chocolate brown.

I really wish I could come up for the trunk show...been secretly thinking of ways I could sneak out for the weekend, but I don't think I am going to make it. Rats. Good luck, though, and have fun!

crymson said...

great colors!!! Both sets! Before I scrolled down to see the second pic I was thinking the minty colors were so wonderful that nothing could surpass...and yet you did!

Laura Blanck said...

I wish I could buy this one for my birthday (June 16) I simply love it!

Cindyo said...

Hi Kerry
How do you do it all...a 4 hour chunk of time to make beads, estate sale shopping, picture-taking and jewelry designing!! I am so amazed (as usual). "Make Mine Mint" is one of my new favorites.

Sheri said...

Love this set Kerry. The colors are just great. How much do you sell these to know.

Kerry said...

Thanks for the compliments everyone!!

Sheri, to answer your question:

Make Mine Mint $325
Cosmic Pop $195 (already sold)

Anonymous said...

Kerry - these are great! I just came back from the Bead and Button show. You would have luved all the vintage stuff/chain/flower petals. Thought of you everytime I saw these. Wish you could be there to sell your beads. It's like being in Willey Wonka's candy factory!! Glad I live close - may go back Sun. for one last dose.
sandi/chgo - jewelry creator

Anonymous said...

WOW ! You make some beautiful jewelry !!