Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Blooming Bangle & Book Bummer

Blooming bangle 1
Those checking in today may notice that I took the sticky note off the top of the blog. Bad news. :( Turns out that book two isn't going to happen. The British publisher, Quarto, who asked me to write the synopsis and articles used to create presentation spreads, needed a US publisher to sign on to the project before it could go live. The US publisher decided to pass on the project. Without a US publisher, the project can't move forward. So it goes. I am really bummed about it. This book had such an awesome concept and I really think it would have done well. You can't win them all, right?

But as one door closes, another one opens. I don't know if I can share this yet, but what the heck! I have been asked to do a spot on PBS's Beads Baubles and Jewels!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!? Me, on TV!! LOL. As always, there is the chance that things could change, everything is always tentative until it happens. But I will let you know more details as it gets closer.

A huge thanks for all the wonderful comments on the jewelry this week!! I will keep things coming right up until the show on Thursday June 11th. Today's design is a bracelet for the "Re-Inspired Junk Collection". It is made much like my "Sandy Lanterns" bangle. The way I attached the hollow to the top allows it to pivot and spin on the top of that bloom. So fun, but the bangle/cuff style wire work keeps it tight to your wrist so it doesn't go any where. I worked in the studio for a few hours yesterday and made a bunch of hollow for even more new pieces!! Some turned out exactly as I hoped, some not so good. Oh well. I better get back to work.

Blooming bangle 2


Kristen said...

Love the Bangle Kerry! That's awesome! Too bad about the other book, but a TV spot is great! ha ha You are right about a door closing and another opening! Wish you the best of luck with that and your upcoming show!

Cindy said...

This is totally off the charts. I can't begin to have enough words to describe how much I like this one.

Jenn said...

Aw! I'm bummed about the book. but, you never know what may happen. And please keep the eye candy coming. I love your "re-inspired junk!"

I'm anxiously awaiting your first book, though! BTW - can you share where you get your wire? I'm itching to try out the colored wire now because of you. ;-)

deehebard said...

Kerry....sorry to hear your news...but you are right about doors opening.

This bangle is so cute! It is so fun and FuNKY...I can't wait to tell everyone that I know a TV star!

jhayssen said...

Major bummer about the book. Do you actually own the rights to your material? How 'bout contacting Interweave or doing your own e-book??? I personally love the e-book idea...we'd all buy a copy!!!

Jo said...

Book 2 isn't happening YET - just wait until they see how successful the first one is! Bet they change their minds. Great news about the TV though. Is it online so that we can get it in the UK?

Julie V. said...

Awesome about the t.v. show....I have my system already taping new episodes of that show, so I'll be lookin' for ya.

Amazing blend of the enamels with your own beads. How marvelous for you to have the control and capability of creating lampwork to enhance the vintage pieces...very nice.