Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dreaming While Running

camouflage 2
(me, working on my Rainy Day Camouflage cardigan over the weekend... it has nothing to do with my post today, lol... just needed a photo!)

There is something about my morning runs that really gets my brain going. Some mornings, especially when it is hot, I am not thinking about anything but making it to the next mailbox without falling over. On other mornings, like today, I can't keep my thoughts under wraps. They run wild. I think about every thing and any thing. Today, I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve. The eve of school starting = Christmas Eve, I can see that, can't you?

Much like a kid dreams about all the toys they will receive and the games they will play once they rip through all the wrapping paper, I was scheming in my mind about all the things I want to do with my time when the kids get back to school. TIME! Oh what a valuable thing it is. "Me" time is extra extra valuable. And I am going to get tons of it... soon.

Here is what I was thinking about while running...

* Make more beads... and have sets to offer up on my website at least once a week
* Make more art... and create prints of the pieces I make and make note cards of the pieces, and oh, maybe a calendar full of my mixed media pieces for 2010.
* Make more jewelry... and take my jewelry in a new direction. I am seeing changes coming.
* Learn new techniques and mediums... hmmm... maybe learning to make polymer clay beads to work in with my glass beads, what a match at would make. Can you imagine my "style" in bright playful polymer clay? (I almost can.)
* Go thrifting more.
* Pitch a new book to my publisher.(I have an idea already, I need to work on the designs to support it.)
* Read the back log of books I have bought but haven't opened.

I am sure there were others, but alas, I was day dreaming and sometimes they come and go so quickly, it is hard to hang on to them. What are you day dreaming and scheming to accomplish these days?


crymson said...

There's something about this time of year and my mind wandering and dreaming about creative goals. I made my list of two weeks ago and am already started! I love the fall. =)

Cindy said...

That's a great picture...what an angle. Way to go with that running, btw. It is a great time to day dream (not that I would know...but hey, I'm starting an exercise class next week!). I can't say that I'm dreaming up anything new with my spare time...my morning commute to school still took an hour! :-( Have a fun day tomorrow...the day you've been waiting for!
Can't wait to catch up with ya!

Holly said...

redecorating! and moving and packing and all the millions of things that have to happen in the next 22 days so we can get in the new house.