Monday, September 21, 2009

A Weekend of Celebrating

Mom 1

This weekend was wild. We had so many things to celebrate! First, it was my Mom's 51st birthday. We spent the day together rescuing a new kitchen from a local animal shelter, hitting a few estate sales, and having margaritas in the afternoon. Mom hates when I try to take her picture. She kept running (or rather waddling quickly, her legs aren't what they used to be) and hiding behind things. She got so playful that she started laughing so hard she nearly peed her pants (see last photo). LOL!! I would say that is some good birthday fun, wouldn't you?

Mom & Me

For Saturday we had a wedding to celebrate. My cousin Greta married her boyfriend of several years, Michael, in a lovely patio ceremony at a place called The Rabbit Room in The Lower Mill in Honeyeo Falls, NY. This reception hall was awesome. The place is a converted flour mill with three floors to explore. The main level was where the party was at with Rock Band set up for the kids to play and "grazing stations" for dinner. Then, upstairs, there was an art gallery and a museum. Very cool!! It was an unconventional reception to say the least. No formal sit down, no bridal dance, and no garter throwing, but rather there was specialty micro brew beers, and M&Ms with the bride and grooms photos on them, and carrot cake! This was the first ever wedding my kids have gotten to attend and they had a blast. Best of all, we were all home and in bed by 10pm. It made for a very happy Sunday morning.

I wish I could have had a higher note to celebrating the ending of the weekend. I wish I could tell you Jacob's football team won their first game... alas, they lost. Again. This time, it was 44-0. He still isn't able to play. The doctors are now saying it is tendinitis in his neck and he can't return until Sept 30th. He is bumming hard! But we won't let him play unless he is 110%. He just needs to rest and let his body heal.

Mom 2

So... did you do any celebrating this weekend?


Eileen said...

what a wonderful weekend...lots of celebrating...kerry, your mom is beautiful...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mom...

Nonie said...

Yes we did! We went to my friends 50 birthday surprise. I t wasat The Cuban Revolution In Providence. A yummy cuban resturant. Then.. what was really so cool was we went to the Providence Water Fires. Ever heard of it? It is so beautiful. I will leave a link.
PS- Happy Birthday to Mom! and sorry about the game. Bummer Jacob. Get better quick kiddo.

Pretty Things said...

Ugh, so sorry about football and the neck! And happy birthday to your mom (she's one year younger than my husband!)

sundownbeaddesigns said...

poor Jacob...that does stink, the season will be so long for him if he's not able to play...sound like a great weekend otherwise!

rosebud101 said...

Oh, Wow, it looks like you and your mom had a wonderful time together! Happy birthday to her!

Cindy said...

Hey Kerry
Now that was a jam-packed weekend! Looks like your Mom had a lot of fun on her big day!! We were celebrating Dad turned 66. Just so hard to believe. Glad you had fun with the family, but sorry to hear Jacob is still not back in the game.