Monday, September 14, 2009

Sports Photographer

I din't get to do much "creating" this weekend. Things seemed to revolve around makng sure the boy wonder with a neck injury was comfortable. (Though I did get to go out to a couple of estate sales with my Mom on Saturday afternoon.) On Sunday we went to watch Jacob's team take on some Vikings. I told y'all how I was asked to be team manager, but did you know, I am also the team phototgrapher (and a medic)? Yeah, I am! I thought you would like to see some of my favorite shots from yesterday's game.

I am still learning about sports photograpy. I have been reading lots of articles online about how to set up my camera to get good shots with little blur of those always-in-motion kids. I had a lot of trouble at last weekend's night game, but things look much improved this weekend!! I am very excited. I still need to work on "framing" the shot better, but I think that will come with more practice.

Check them out...


I have a new project I am working, as well as several others. Hopefully, I wil lhave lots of new things to share with you this week! Stay tuned!!

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Cindy said...

GREAT photos, Kerry!! Please share those tips with me! I have a lot to learn too. But from the looks of it, you're really on your way. These photos are so bright and crisp. Those other reddish/yellow uniforms are kinda wild.