Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Headed to JOOLZ

orderly fashion

The fabulous Francie over at JOOLZ sent me an email this weekend letting me know the shop needs new pieces. She put in a special request for pieces that are primarily black and white (the decor of the store). She knows her jewelry and she knows her clientele... they love classic black and white designs. I am very happy to oblige her request. I have been really wanting to try new things and take my jewelry in different directions, but at the same time, since I haven't made anything in months, I need to refresh my skills. So, having a set color combination, and the idea of classic designs, is letting me dip my toes back in the water, so to speak, before diving in head first into wildly new designs.

I worked on these beads yesterday. I was trying to make checker board beads, but they just weren't working for me. So, I thought... hmmmm... what if I make a grid instead? Tada... I love all the straight lines! I calling this piece "Orderly Fashion". I used vintage black and white enameled chain to link it all together. It really gives the look of two necklaces layered together. One is 24inches long and the other 19inches. I would show you what it looks like on, but alas, I am wearing yellow and brown today... the black and white just doesn't work. LOL.

Oh, I wanted to let you know that Francie recently opened up an online JOOLZ boutique. Visit http://www.shopjoolz.com/store to check out some of the fantastic work she has available. You even see a few of my pieces there.


Jenn said...

Ah! Kerry! Thank you for the eye candy! It's so classic and yet so Verry Kerry...really beautiful.

Kristen said...

See Kerry, I knew the "seeing Black and White" was going to lead to something good! Love it! :)

kaitlin (sometimes kat) said...

LOVE this.