Monday, September 07, 2009

Weekend Reviewing

We had a bit of a hectic weekend around here. Lots going on for this last weekend of summer vacation. I am gonna give ya a quick review of what we did... I am anxious to get back to doing nothing today and relaxing a little longer while Ron is home.

cabinet stripping 5
I was able to get the base of my cabinet stripped down to the base metal. I wet sanded for about two hours!! It will be worth it. I am going to prime it today and start stripping the upper part of the cabinet next.

night game 3
Jacob's team had their first game of the season Saturday night under the lights!! They played the Wayne Eagles (yes, his old team, the team he was on when we lived out there) and OMG those boys are HUGE!! I was one proud Momma and Team Manager, that is my Jacob #87 voted one of the team captains by the other players. Unfortunately, my Webster Warriors lost 8-30, but dang it was an exciting first half. This photo turned out great, but most of my action shots are blurry, which has me researching sports photography. I am learning lots of new things about my new camera. I can't wait until the next game!

tooth three
Sunday we had a family day at my parents. Mom cooked a Thanksgiving style turkey dinner complete with mash potatoes and stuffing. We ate picnic style out in the backyard with corn on the cob too. We played that bean bag toss across game, drank wine, and had a bonfire in the woods while listening to Van Morrison and Jimmy Buffet tones. Mom and I also popped out Lauren's third tooth. She is a tooth losing fool the past few weeks!!

And that's that. Just today and tomorrow left in the summer of 2009. The kids go back to school on Wednesday!!


LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Hope your Labor Day is fun, peaceful and exciting ... enjoy! Take a break if you can, wishing you great weather and end of summer fun.

Pretty Things said...

I'll bet you have your entire Wednesday all planned out!!!

Nonie said...

Happy Labor Kerry! It's a glorious day here on Cape Cod! Fall is definitly in the air.

rosebud101 said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Kerry!

Cindy said...

Hi Kerry
Looks like you had a lot of fun this weekend. I'm amazed at the metal cabinet about about blood, sweat and tears! You're always one to dive in to a labor-intensive project. Can't wait to see how it's coming along. Enjoy the last day with your kids home today!