Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Memory Lane Adventure

After yesterday's blog post, I decided, enough is enough. We needed to get the heck outta the house. We needed a little adventure. I told the kids there were a few stops to make and then we would eat lunch in a special spot. I, of course, got a bunch of "what special spot" comments. I told them... "you'll figure it out."

First we popped in the grocery store for a loaf of bread. Sandwiches were my easy lunch choice of the day. Then to the farm market where a peck of peaches was $5! A PECK! That is like 30 peaches!! After that, we stopped to pick raspberries. The fall raspberries are in season around here and they are so so so so sweet. I think Jacob ate his weight in berries while picking his pint.

Then, it was time to make our way to our special spot. As I drove the back roads from the farm with raspberries to the park I picked, the kids started to realize they knew where they were. I was taking them "TO THE LAKE!" And not just any lake... the old lake... the lake we used to go to at the old house. To B.Forman Park. Y'all have seen photos from this park before, too. Here are a few more.

park 2
park 7
park 15
park 17
park 18
park 21
park 26

We ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, we threw rocks, and we swung on the swings. Not a bad way to pass the afternoon. It was hard on Jacob though. He is my deep thinker. Being so close to our old house and visiting an old favorite spot, in his words, brought back too many memories. He misses things. I told him it isn't bad to remember something and miss it. It is good and we can visit the lake anytime.

Lots more photos HERE on Flickr. I had fun turning a bunch black and white too. Check them out.

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Cindy said...

Hi Kerry
I do remember this's been a while! What a great way to spend the almost looks like you're at the beach. Nothing like collecting stones..everyone loves to do that! Your pictures are wonderful. Savor the last of summer...just one week to go for you (but who's counting?).