Saturday, September 05, 2009

I was stripping...

(aka how we spent our Friday)

cabinet before 1

Ever wake up and decide to work on a dozen projects you hadn't planned on working until that moment? Yeah? That was the kind of day I had yesterday. Ron has taken the past couple of Fridays off to relieve a little of my stress. Last week we took the kids for a trip to Powder Mill Park in Pittsford NY. This week though, we were all business... well sort off.

cabinet stripping 1

First thing we had to take care of was wood. We have a wood burner and heat the house mostly by wood through the winter. We have been getting load after load of free wood from my in-laws property. There was a giant stack of logs that needed sawing. Ron chain sawed and a stacked. The pile of wood was on the side of the garage, and as I was sitting on a bench sipping morning coffee waiting for my next load of wood to be ready to stack, I started to kinda flip out. LOL. Ron asked what as wrong and I said "I am trying very very hard to control my anxiety", to which he replied "what are you anxious about?" Logical question right? As my knee start to bounce uncontrollably, and I wanted to bite my nails, I said "the garage is a DISASTER and "Carrie" wants to clean it". He laughed at me of course. Y'all remember Carrie, dontcha? She is that OCD alter ego in the back of my head. LOL.

So yes, I cleaned the garage too. More organized than cleaned really. People around her have a tendency to just drop things in empty spaces rather than put the things where they go. So it makes things look really really cluttered, all.the.time. But I know what you are thinking... Kerry, what do these pictures have to do with chopping wood and cleaning the garage?

cabinet stripping 4

Ron and I recently traded his parents our mid-80s oak china cabinet for a metal hunk o'junk outta their basement. We don't think it is a hunk o'junk though!! It is actually a 1930's metal medical hutch. It has been in the garage for the past couple months and after cleaning the garage, I decided it was time to dive into this restoration project. I didn't get a proper before photos with the hutch on top of the base, oh well. The top is almost all beveled glass. Glass sides, glass doors, and glass shelves. The base has been painted three or four times. Blue, a couple shades of green, and ivory at some point too. We are stripping it down to bare metal and from there we will prime and paint it. So, most of yesterday afternoon was spent on the deck, with a cold beer in hand, taking turns scrapping the paint of this old cabinet.

I can't wait to get this done, it is going to look so cool!! Wanna know what color we are planning to paint it? Rusty Orange!! I was thinking orange from the beginning and didn't think Ron would go for it. He is a paint-everything-white-or-off-white kinda guy, but he went for it!! I will let you know how it turns out.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your finished project.

Pretty Things said...

Stripping is hard work! I remember stripping layers and layers of paint off french doors that were mahogany originally -- I had to give up after a while because the stripper was eating up the stuff that was holding the glass in! Plus, it was in a rental, and while the landlord had given me the go-ahead, she certainly wasn't going to deduct enough from my rent to make it worthwhile!

Oh, but why did people paint over mahogany?

rosebud101 said...

That will be fun to see!