Thursday, December 22, 2005

Fun with Raku

Raku is a glass that when super heated and then slowly cooled it gets a rainbowish effect to it. I bought a small jar of Raku frit (frit=crushed glass) and finally got to play with it last night! I still need to clean the beads but once that's done I will share the photos. These were my first try and it wasn't until about bead number 8-9 that I finally go the effect to come out. But the fisrt 7 are still just as beautiful. I have some more playing to do, I want to try to come up with some more imaginative ways to work with shapes and stringers to get more fun and funky beads!

My friend Lindsey is coming with her 8 month old daughter for a visit today... I think we are going to make waffles =) Plus she wants to see my new toys. Then it is off to the dollar store and to get some groceries. I am all done with my Christmas re-shopping but still havent' started wrapping! I know there is at least an hour and a half's worth to do! I am really getting excited about Christmas, especially for my Mom's gift... she ordered me a Zoozii tool! is the site that I order my bead presses from! They are the best and I love the 3 I have!

Time to get the kids going for school.

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