Friday, December 16, 2005

Vintage Love

The auction has started... I hope everyone bids ;) You can quickly link to the auction from here by clicking on the link over on the right hand side of you screen. One bead did get sacraficed to the bad bead jar... so the set is down to 26. But a wonderful group none the less.

Here is a sneak peak at the auction "Vintage Love" that will start later this evening.

It is by far my favorite color combination! I think I like it even more then "Caribbean Cocoa" & "Beach Blanket Blues". I decided to make a bigger grouping (27 BEADS! WOW!) and mix the rounds and lentils. This means I have to start the auction price higher but once you see these beads you'll realize they are well worth it! Now I am thinking of something along the same lines in greens just to change things up a bit. If you have a color combination you would love to see... post it here or send and email and I will see what I can come up with. Just don't ask for yellow & purple... I can't get it to work out. LOL. I named this set "Vintage Love" because I wanted a name that would reflect the warm romantic feel that the pinks, corals, and burgundy gives.

We got a 1/2 an inch of ice last night and then about 5 inches of snow on top of that. And it's still snowing. I wish I could curl up and watch movies all day but alas... Lauren needs to go to playgroup for speech therapy... My mom got a new kitten and wants Lauren to come by for lunch... and I still need to get all the proper photos taken of these beads. The day will fly by I am sure!

I will check back in once the auction starts!


Chrissie said...

Those beads are beautiful!! As always! :) As far as other colors, I would love to see some purples or maybe some yellows. I am dreaming of spring right now...tired of winter already.

Kerry said...

Thanks Chrissie! You know I tried a set of purple & yellow together with ivory as a challenge from Gwen on the B&B forum. I didn't care for them but she LOVED them. I could try and give it another go...