Monday, December 12, 2005

Now we are working...

Well it looks like it works. I spent the past hour getting this BLOG working and I think I am finally done. I should have spent that hour making beads but it is cold outside! It is a whopping 2 dergrees with the windchill. Who wants to make beads in that? PLus we got a good fluffy 8-10 inches of snow today on top of the 6 we already had. It is more then a foot deep out there! I was able to get 4 of 6 orders done today, so I do feel like I got a lot done. Tomorrow's orders are all glass so I will be getting those done and starting a new Ebay set. Watch for those preview photos I promised :) Next task will be to create my "About Me" page on Ebay so others can find this too.

I hope you will find it easier to post comments now. Let me know what you think of the changes. I know this layout is really boring but I havent' found a better one I like yet and they don't have any as fun as Yahoo's... oh well. I am off to an early bedtime... this weekend's Open house took a lot out of me! Saturday was a great success though, Thanks SO Much to all those who stopped out. We are planning on having another open house in the spring to launch the summer season!

The photo above is of the "glass" set up for the show. It really was a great day! Unfortunately when I went back to Heidi's on Sunday to clean up I feel down her porch stairs while carring a table. It hit my face as I hit the ground. I have a bruised chin and bum. I was really swore this morning when I woke up, ugh... I am fine now though!

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