Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Lots of EBAY goodies!

Hey everyone... I posted a bunch of goodies on Ebay last night. A new set called "Antique Romance", it's a sister set to "Vintage Love". I had originally been made as a custom set but my customer decided that she wanted soemthign with more pink so you get lucky and can hopefully get it at a good price on Ebay. I posted the "Seeing Spots" drawer pull! If you can think of a place for it.. it is a great thing to have! They are so fun and funky! Last but not least... the new "Wishful Thinking" set. I had a request for something bright red, orange and green. I couldn't stop there... I pulled out ALL the colors! And I used my new bead press so they are a great fun shape! I was thinking last night about a amber set just browns and ivory... maybe a little etching too? Hmmmm.

Ron and Jacob are going to go see King Kong today. And I am again stranded somewhere on Laundry Mountain so I need to dig my way out of there. LOL! I may sneak out to torch some more later tonight. It has been wonderful having Ron home all week... I get a break when ever I need one. But seems today is his turn for the break, thus the movie outing!

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