Monday, December 19, 2005

Lost on Laundry Mountain

You know how I said I didn't have to do house work but I should do some laundry beacause it was getting out of hand.... well, I didn't do any... and now I am lost on Laundry Mountain. I have at least 10 loads to wash and fold. So that will be today's focus. LOL! Boring I know but hey... that's my life!

I had tons of fun Saturday playing with a new toy! I got the Zoozii drawer pull bead press a few weeks ago and just had a chance on Saturday to try it out. The black and white spiky one is my favorite! They are great to make! If anyone is interested in a custom one let me know. I would love to make you one! I think they are so cute to have just here or there around the house. I put one on an end table in my living room and I will make one for my nightstand. They would be wonderful on an entertainment center or in a bathroom! The possibilities for where to pop these little guys on is just endless! Let me know what you think of them.

I had a crazy "reshopping" day yesterday... I took back all the board games that were for the boys. My to "techies" just won't settle for boards games. I learned this after a Christmas party Saturday night when the got "Connect 4" and said... "is that all?" I was mortified by Andrew's rudeness but it let me know my idea for a board game Christmas was not the way to go.

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