Tuesday, December 20, 2005

One mad Momma

I had a rough afternoon yesterday when Jacob got off the bus. For months now we have been having issues with this one child. He swears, hits, intimidates and no one does anythign about it. Well yesterday on the bus ride home he got Jacob in a head lock and smacked his face several times. Jacob's ear and temple where all red and he has scratches. I was furious. Jacob was a mess, he was balling for at least a half an hour after school not wanting to have to go on the bus again. I called the bus garage, I called his teacher, I called the principle, I called again this mornign and all they say is "We will talk to Nick..." Well, talking doesn't seem to work with this kid! I think further action needs to be taken... I think he needs to be removed from the bus all together! Ugh it is all so frustrating! I was one that was taunted and tortured by bullies all through school. I didn't know how to handle it then and I don't know how to get it handled as an adult either. My husband has taken to telling Jacob that if the adults aren't doing anything to help you then hit him back. Jacob is a very strong athletic kid, but he is also very kind and gentle... he won't fight back. I am proud of him for that. Though I wish he acted that way with his little brother. He never hesitates to pound on Andrew, whatelse are little brothers for?

Needlass to say I did not get out to the torch as I had hoped and tonight we have a Christmas Concert to go to at school... so any bead making will not happen until tomorrow or thursday. Vintage Love ends tomorrow and it still has NO BIDS! So you might be able to get it for a good price... keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for listening to my rant... you have any suggestions for dealing with bullies please let me know. I would love to hear the advice.

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