Thursday, December 15, 2005

UPS fella on thin ice!

My UPS driver is now officially being taken off my Christmas list! He never came yesterday afternoon. I tracked the package and it was "on-time for delivery". It must just be all the Holiday mail. Hopefully today!

I had a really productive day yesterday! I CLEANED MY DESK! This is the desk that I make jewelry at, clean beads, organize projects, package items and whatnot. I have a terrible before photo for you and a spic n' span after too. It was the extremely busy couple of weeks I have had that let it get so out of hand. It ended up taking me 5 hours to get it done... but I did everything... I sorted all the drawers of the storage boxes... I emptied every box of the small shelf under the desk... I had to top completely cleared off so I sould scrub off the coffee cub stains and then put everything back on. Lauren was a HUGE help/pain in the butt... haha. I have a TV and DVD player in the room there with me so she watched Cinderella and Beauty & the Beast... but most of the time while the movies were playing she was sitting on my lap or playing with my "bad bead jar"...

I am going to start my Holiday Gift Buying today and make LOTS of beads tonight! I can't wait... I have been so looking forward to getting out to the torch! I will be cleaning and photographing bright and early tomorrow so come back to check out the new set!

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