Monday, December 26, 2005

My Favorite Gift

This is the 2005 winner for "Best Gift of The Year"! My hubby made it for me. It is a glass organizer, obviously. I LOVE IT! But it is already too small. I think I will be on a glass buying restriction for a while. I need to use what I have. I love the new Zoozii press too and really look forward to using it later today. I had a request for something bright and fun! And I think that will be a great way to start the new year! So some bright red, orange, and green tabs and tiles will be coming soon! The runner up in the "Best Gift of The Year" was from my sister, she is taking my to see "The Lion King" when it somes to town in April. I have always wanted to see it!

My In-Laws are coming by this morning for brunch and gifts before they leave tomorrow. They winter in the south and this year they will be in LaBelle Flordia. They won't be back till April-May. My Father-In-Law swears they are leaving after Thanksgiving next year. The snow has been aweful this fall and he can't stand being stuck in the house.

Did you have a white Christmas? We had a slushy Christmas. We had about 8 inches on the ground Thursday. Then Friday it warmed to 40 degrees and started to rain. Now we only have slush. The kids are bummed because they don't get to use the snowtubes and snowboards they got from Santa. =(

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