Friday, December 23, 2005

Seeing spots

These are 2 of the raku beads I was talking about. Aren't they beautiful! I made a few more last night in the same style as these two so they can be a set. I am going to call them "Sandy Lanturns" Sandy because my husband thinks the raku glass looks like course sand and Lanturns because to me they look like Chinese Lanturns. Fun huh? I will wait till after the holidays to put them up on Ebay. I hope everyone is too busy to bid right now and are snuggling with love ones instead!

Last night I made another knob as well. I LOVE this new one. I think it'll be my first Ebay knob. It is white with random dots of green, blue and yellow all over it. When I get a good photo, I will be sure to share it!

Today is going to be my big wrapping day! My Mom is taking Lauren for the afternoon after her playgroup this morning so I can get it done. I think Ron is taking the day off too so he can help! Christmas Eve is tomorrow... I can't believe it!

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