Tuesday, December 13, 2005

It makes you wanna home school

Ugh... Jacob has gotten another cold. He had the sniffles yesterday morning but today he is coughing, sniffling, sneezing, and is just plain miserable. We can't seem to go more then a week or two with out someone getting sick around here. It is all those germs at school I am sure! Needless to say he will be spending the day curled up on the couch watching Christmas movies. If I sent him to school he would just end up going to the nurse everytime he need a tissue. My dreams of getting to the post office and starting some Christmas shopping have now been squashed! I haven't even started yet! And there is less then 2 weeks left... it will all come together by the big day.

Not much has changed in the 12 hours since my last post...LOL I am still dyeing to get out to my torch but it is freeeeezing... I will be beading by this afternoon though =) I will be sure to share what I make. One of the visitors to Saturday's Open House had a lampwork collection necklace that was really neat. It had about 10 beads on it, all different, mostly in blues and purples. It was strung on a kinda sterling snake chain that was reinforced with wire. She ordered a bunch of beads to add to her collection from the ones I had out in other jewelry. Should be FUN!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry, it's me Nita from the bead forum, I have a bit of advice that might help cut down on the cold bugs kids bring home from school. I'm a mother of 6 and when all the kids were in school, it was ALWAYS someone home sick. So I started a new practice. AS SOON as they got home from school, they had to drop everything and go wash thier hands. Belive it or not, it cut the colds and flu bouts in half!! Like your site!! Bead Happy, Nita Talking Woman Beads

Kerry said...

LOL I have trouble getting my boys to brush there teeth let alone wash their hands! But I will definately give it a try... it certainly couldn't hurt! I will make them wash their hands before they are allowed to get snack and watch after school cartoons. =)I probably should have them doing that anyway, huh? Thanks for the advice!