Wednesday, February 13, 2008

30 ~ 30

Thirty things about me on my 30th! (in no particular order...)

30. I am tall (about 5'9'').
29. It is impossible to find pants that are long enough. So I am always ordering 'longs' from catalogs or websites.
28. I hate cars with blinkers on the review mirrors.
27. I also hate onions.
26. I never went to my junior prom or senior ball... my 'boyfriend' (now husband) said he was too old and we went to Toronto for the weekend instead.
25. I lived in Florida and Texas when I was little.
24. When I came to NY after TX, I said "awesazs" instead of "always". This led to horrible mocking by other kids... now it only slips out if I have been drinking.
23. Maragritas are my favorite.
22. Pineapple-chili grill shrimp are my favortie too.
21. I have never broken a bone, but I chipped my tailbone once rollerskating.
20. I have never had stitches (except the ones after kids were born, and they don't count.)
19. I have been to Europe twice and often think the I lived there in another life, but did something bad in that life so I am now stuck here in the US with a man who hates to travel.
18. Lilacs are my favorite flowers (or is that a bush?).
17. I think parmesan cheese smells like vomit and I won't eat it.
16. I once cut my hair super short and wore ties to school. When we had our school pictures taken, the man said "Thank You, Son" to me.
15. I have 3 tattoos and I am getting a 4th one today. (pictures to come)
14. I once wrote a paper on Great Expectations but never read the book. My grade was 100%.
13. I once wrote a paper on Caravagio for Humanities in High School, then handed it in as a paper I had to write in college.
12. I hit the curb when I parallel parked during my driver's test and still passed. My sister had to take the test 3 times.
11. I love snow/rain.
10. If I didn't live somewhere that it snowed, I would want to live by the ocean.
9. I don't think all babies are beautiful, but say they are cute anyway.
8. I couldn't careless if I never bowled again in my life.
7. I don't know much about terrariums, but my sister just gave me one, so I better learn.
6. I think coming up with 30 things about myself is really hard, I am running out of ideas.
5. I crack my toes, a lot.
4. I played the clarinet in elementary school.
3. My husband's face after he shaves (with the pink Dove soap) is my favorite smell.
2. I drink coke, never pepsi... I hate pepsi.
1. Today is my 30th birthday!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kerry - Enjoy your day!


Jo said...

Happy Birthday Kerry! I hope you have a lovely day and get spoilt lots!

gaby said...

I hope you have a great day!! What kind of cake are you going to get?

Thanks for sharing your random facts!

30 is just the beginning of so much fun you're going to get!!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday. I want to see the tattoo. I have been wanting one for many, many years but I just don't know what design I want.

Anne said...

30, flirty, and thriving - woo hoo! I hope you have some fun today.

I once wrote a paper on Great Expectations without reading it, too. Cliff's Notes, baby!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday.

Too old for prom, is your dh a good bit older than you?

My favorite on your list is #3. Ahhh, that's so cute! :)

Lori said...

Happy Birthday Kerry!!!!!
Have a great day :-)

Kerry said...

Thank you so much for the birthday greetings everyone!!

I am getting hot fudge sundae cake for my dessert!!

Tammy... 3 out of 4 of my tattoos are butterflies, but the story behind that is for another day.

Anne... I didn't even use cliff notes!!

And yes, Ron is 8 years older then I am. He was 24 when I was 16, too old for the prom.

Cindy said...

Hope you had a great day, Kerry! Sorry I missed you. Your "new" foot is're a daring soul. Welcome to the 30's, it's fun around here!

Anonymous said...


Um okay, I have a question...I only know of 3 tattoos on your body. Your neck, shoulder and now your foot. The 4th? dare I ask who's initials are on your arse? JK! but seriously how could I not remember what it is?

Love your loving,

ellen said...

I'm not sure if I actually cracked my tailbone while rollerskating, or should I say roller-falling? but it hurt like hell for, what seemed like, years.
As I recall, I fell onto my knees first and then back onto the rear wheels which landed right between the butt-cheeks. Ouch!

Kerry said...

sister, you are an idiot... I have that rose thing on my ankle... my first one. remember?