Monday, February 11, 2008

Hot Afternoon Antics

Check it out... two 'hot' posts in a row! First it was Hot Fudge Sundae Cake and now... Hot Afternoon Antics.

It must be the -20degree wind chills that has me needing to warm up. HA! Every school in the county is closed today due to the extreme cold, except our district! I have the kids jackets warming in the dryer for when it is time to run out for the bus.

Anyway, back to the necklace. This piece is a custom order for a Playground done in warm tones. Lots of sizzling reds, outragous oranges... all balanced out with bright opal yellow and calming lavender. Just delicious. I can't tell you how close you all came to having a warm tones playground disc bead box update. I, by chance, sent an email with a photo of these rod colors I picked to my client. She wasn't sure about the purple and asked to switch it out for lime green (a fantastic choice if we had ended up going that way). I didn't get her email until after making these beads, cleaning them, and starting to string the piece. I thought, I will just go ahead and string it, send a quick pic and if I need to redo it with lime I will. But, turns out, she loved it! So, no beads for you, sorry. But don't worry, I have ideas working for the next batch of beads.

Lauren and I have some fun plans for tonight (as long as they aren't posponed due to the weather). A friend from school's dad is out of town for the whole week. The poor Momma of said friend is home with a new baby and an active 5 year old. So we are having a Momma and me sleep over party tonight. Everyone will be piled in the living room with sleeping bags! I can't remember the last sleepover I was at.... this is gonna be a blast! SEVEN girly girls and one little baby boy... can you say make overs?

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*Jessi* said...

Those colours are absolutely gooorgeous! The purple definitely works well. Makes me want to eat something spicy, lol.

Btw, liking the blog layout :D