Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Who knew?

My STARS that was exhausting... LOL! I am now officially reminded why I don't do sleepovers very often. I am such a homebody, I was wishing for my own bed by 11pm. The floor was hard as a rock and the couch was the most narrow I have ever laid on in my life. But really, don't listen to me, I am just being cranky cause I didn't sleep much. Really, the girls had a BLAST!

We ordered up pizzas... made handprint sugar cookies (gum drops cut in half make sweet fingernails)... there was a group bath with four 4 year olds... too cute!... and after the bath was beauty parlor time with painted nails and this project below...

After about 40mins of blowing and ironing, my little curly-que headed girl had hair as straight as mine!! She is so excited, she can't stop touching it. You should see the back of her hair, it touches her fanny. Who knew? Need reminding just how curly her hair is? Look HERE.

Today is my last day of being in my 20s, tomorrow is my birthday... the big 3-0. My sister and I have something special planned during the day... hopefully if there aren't any cancellations, I will have pics of the special thing tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday early Kerry,
Hope you have a great day tomorrow.

sandi said...

Hi Kerry,
Here's to a HAPPY 3-0 tomorrow! Have fun with your sister and hope everyone treats you like Cleopatra....savoring grapes and wine and, of course, glittering with your baubles neckside!!! Have a memorable day.

ellen said...

Oh, Kerry, when you blogged about the sleep over, I must admit it sounded like hell on earth. Now, I'm way older than you and I never had a daughter so . . .
It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. That's what builds memories.
Your daughter is most adorable.
I remember my 30th. My girlfriends took me to a local bar and we had "prink skirls." Well, they started out as pink squirrels but, well, you know.