Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Good, The Bad & The Gorgeous

The Good: There is a really cool new necklace currently tumbling in my tumbler.

The Bad: Lauren has been fighting a 102degree fever since 3pm yesterday. Which translates to Mom not having more then 2 hours of sleep.

The Gorgeous: Ron handled the fever for a little while last night and I was treated to dinner with my good friend Lindsey. I was given these incredibly beautiful hand knit socks!! I love 'em more then I can say!!

The Good: The boys are actually getting along at the moment and playing Chinese Checkers together.

The Bad: Library books are due today and I know I will forget to return them.

The Gorgeous: My new art piece hanging on my wall. :)


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful framed!!

Anonymous said...

I was going to say---I love the art piece framed---really classy!!!

Anonymous said...

The art looks wonderful! What a great new use for glass.


cassie said...

You go girl! The artwork looks Fantastic. Especially hanging on your wall!

Happy belated birthday!!


Michele H said...

The black frame really sets the piece off. I love it.

ellen said...

Socks are way cool and the framing really popped your lovely piece of art.