Friday, February 01, 2008

Thrifting Highlights

A few of my favorite things from yesterday's thrifting. Seeing these things clustered together makes me wonder if my life is a little oxymoronic. LOL, is that a word? I know oxymoron is a word. So, oxymoronic must be too.

What I am getting at is trying to understand how inside me is the artist that creates insanely wild and colorful jewelry designs and yet at the same there is a person in me that finds things like this incredibly comforting. Polar opposite ends of my personalitly, don't you think?

So, what are you looking at? A thrifted button for a teddy bear's missing nose. (Andrew's teddy bear and Andrew's idea for a nose.) A vintage apron with a lovely yellow tulip pocket. I love aprons all a sudden. I am wearing them just about everyday while I cook. And down below there, that is a 1976 copy of Paddington Marches On. My cousin Audrey is expecting a little one in a few months, I think I'll make a little baby blanket and tuck this book in with it. I love old books like this with the thick binding and oddly colored cover images. *SIGH*

Since I was out and about all day yesterday, I didn't make beads. (Another reason for thrifting photos instead of bead ones.) But I have several new pieces in process on my desk and I think I might get to work on them over the weekend. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled jewelry photos next week :)

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