Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Today is a pretty special day.

For the past 4 years, Ron (my husband, for you blog visiting newbies) has been attending classes at RIT, Rochester Institute of Technology, in an effort to attain his Master's degree in Systems Engineering.

When Ron and I first met (1994), he was attending SUNY Brockport. He was on the 8 year plan to earn a Bachelors in Mathematics with a Computer Science minor. Let's just say, before me, he wasn't the best student. I think his highest grade to that date had been a C. Me, being the brainiac I am, got him a few Bs and As before he was done by forcing him to study! It isn't that Ron is a moron, just the opposite. He just wasn't the best student. (Yes, I really am a bit of a brainiac, I had a 3.725 gpa in college! And the fact that I remember that 10 years later just proves that point.)

In 2003, when Ron signed up for his first class at RIT, with the encouragement of his boss at Xerox, we felt like we were looking at such a long road ahead. But Ron felt he needed to do it... his Masters would be the only way to progress in his job.

I can't tell you how much heart Ron has been into these past four years!! He has almost straight As in his graduate courses. He has studied everything from Linear Programming to Fundamentals of Sustainable Design. One class a semester for the past four years, every Fall, Winter and Spring. All while working full time and being a super Dad/great husband.

All his work is culminating in the presentation of his Capstone tonight. A Capstone is very much like a Thesis that other degrees require. It has been a several month long research project that Ron has worked on with a small group. They've written a paper, created a slide show presentation and, this evening, the group is presenting their project and findings.

I think he is more nervous then he is letting on! He practiced his portion of the presentation with me (and Lauren) 4 times last night. I think he has it down.

I (and the kids too) couldn't be more proud of Ron!! And so, this blog post today is to let him know just how much we appreciate all he does for our family and all his hard work. I am sure he isn't thanked enough by us.

Good Luck Tonight!!


Anonymous said...

I hope you all get to do something wonderful to celebrate when he is done. Congratulations, Ron!

gaby said...

CONGRATS! for such a courage and persistance.
Grad school is not a piece of cake and it's very challenging, especially when there's a wife and 3 kiddos to support, care and protect!

My very best for your husband!
Congrats to YOU too! your support made a difference, I'm sure he knows that.

kelbel said...

AW That brought tears to my eyes!!! I know how hard he has worked on this and I am so proud of him!!!

BIG XOXOXOXOXOXO to you both!!!