Monday, February 04, 2008

Hearts ~ Gone Wild

I was chatting with my sister, on the phone, just the other day. She was checking out last week's Bead Box Update whilest we talked when she says "eeeeeewwwww". At least I think it was an "ew". Not the bad "ew" like "eeeewwww gross". It was the good kind. The I-wasn't-expecting-to-see-that-and-I-like-it kind. It was the Tin Man's Heart that caught her by surprise. She told me that I had to do more of those.

The season being what it is, naturally... hearts are on my mind. You can't get through the day without seeing one. I like hearts. Being a near Valentine's baby, how could I not like 'em? I mean really, my birthday revolves around the holiday. I have had hearts in my life since birth! This weekend, I decided I needed to seize the heart oppertunity while it's at hand... before it is too late. I set aside my other works in progress and set to torching hearts for a few hours.

I am sooooo thrilled with the results!!

Next to my desk is a big tub of glass "shorts". When you make glass beads from rods, eventually you get to the point where the rod is too short to hold. Now you can do any number of things with the shorts.... you can use a special tool just for holding shorts... you can stick the short on the end of another rod in the same color to use it up... you can save them and join them together later... you can mash them up into frit (crushed glass)... see, lots of options. When I am working, I don't like to stop to add rods together, I just like to grap the next rod and go. So I tend to stock pile my shorts in said tub o' shorts.

Don't worry, I am not babbling... I am going somewhere with this shorts thing. The way I make my hearts... I need to cut two pieces of glass to about 2in long pieces. They make the "bumps" of the heart. I had an AH HA moment... SHORTS!!! I don't need to cut from a nice full rod, I can rummage through my shorts for just the right ones. Oh, Oh, Oh... and they don't have to be the same color... OH... and what if they aren't the same size either?


I used twistie shorts too, and was very random with stringers that I had laying around. An all around use-what-you-have kinda heart. I spent the morning wiring them up and taking their perdy pictures. (I was so distracted the boys nearly missed the bus! LOL!) I decided they need to be pendants and I will get them posted on my website by the end of the day. Send a link to your significant other and tell 'em which one you want!! What better way to say I love you like no other then with a heart that is as unique as you?

If you order one before Friday, I'll upgrade you to Priority Mail so that you have it in time for Valentines!!

Happy Heart Hunting! They are posted HERE & HERE!!


Anonymous said...

Your idea for shorts is the most brilliant idea I have ever heard.....well done.

Michele H said...

I'll be honest Kerry. I usually love your stuff and I really liked Tin Man's heart. I'm not loving these heart shaped beads because they're too busy. I'm not even seeing that they look like hearts that much because each part is so distinct, there is no flow to see them as a whole. Thought I'd give you my honest opinion.

Kerry said...

Thank you Michele. I appreciate the feedback and can see your point of view. They are very busy.

Thanks to you too Carmen.