Saturday, July 14, 2007

Corn Hill ~ Day One

*~sigh~* I am so tired!! What a long and WONDERFUL first day at Corn Hill!! So where do you want me to start? How about with the packing of the car on Friday. You can see why I love my mini van. Everything fits in so easy. I only take one seat out and the rest just fold down. It really works out great. My sister and I headed up to the show around 7pm last night to set up the tent and tables. Then we went out for a margarita to calm my jitters. It was a nice relaxing night. I got home early and tried to get a good night sleep. I say tried because really.... who could sleep when you have a show the next day!?!

This morning I picked up one of my book club gals, Renee, to help me out. She was a sweetheart to come and help while my sister was having time with her boyfriend. (Don't you worry though, my sister be there tomorrow for sure!) We got to the grounds about 7:45 this morning and it took a solid hour and a half to set up the jewelry. But I was thrilled with how the booth turned out. Doesn't it look fabulous!?! Do you notice what is new this year? Yep, those white runners with the black swirls. I wanted to add something to break up the black mass that is usually my tables. LOVE it!!

The crowds this morning were just huge. I was a frazzled mess. Even with two of us, there was a line in the booth at times. The earrings are just FLYING out of the booth!!And everyone loves petting the Playground bracelets. Though, they may be a little wild for the Rochester natives. Several have sold, but mostly the raku and terra ones. A few of the big wowie zowie necklaces have went too. The "Rusty Swings" and "Playground Antics" pieces were almost bought several times, so I am thinking they may not make it through the day tomorrow. LOL... at least I hope they find homes tomorrow.

My painted chairs have been a HUGE hit. I have gotten loads of comments on them. And come to find out, there are a bunch of artists with painted director's chairs. Who woulda thunk it? Someone would say "Did you paint those?" I would say "YEP!" and then they would say "I saw so and so painted their chairs too." I thought I had come up with something really unique, but I guess not. Oh well, they are extra special to me because of the time I got to spend working on them with my Aunt Peggi. So there. LOL.

Around 3pm this afternoon, it started to POUR! It was perfect weather up until then and then it started with a tinkle, then a sprinkle, to a heavy rain. Pretty much people and sales stopped when the rain started. Not that I am complaining, I had a KILLER morning, so I am very thankful. Plus, I am figuring all those crowds from yesterday are going to be heading out tomorrow instead.

It is so much fun seeing people who I remember from last year and hearing the ohs and ahs over how far I have come in my work and my style. (Sorry that sentence has like 3 "ands", lol... I am really really tired.) I have people building a "Kab's" collection and I am honored! It is fun to turn new people onto lampwork too. I over heard someone say "where does she buy these beads?" And I LOVE getting to say "I made every one of those beads myself." People really have no idea sometimes what they are looking at. And that isn't meant to sound bad, it is just to say how flooded the market is wit jewelry. People just assume things are mass produced. It is really sad.

Alright, that is enough for tonight. I need to head to bed. I gotta get up and do this again tomorrow.


Cindy said...

WAY TO GO, Kerry!!! Sounds like Day 1 at Corn Hill was a huge success!!! I am really happy for you! Hope it's sunny and beautiful tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you and wishing for a fun day and big sales! :-)


Yee said...

Kerry - the booth looks fab...just fab!! But then I would hardly have expected anything you put together to look less than superb :D Good luck today! Hoping for no rain and lots and LOTS of sales!!


Kerry said...

Thanks so much girls!!

I just checked the weather report and it is SUNNY & 78degrees for today... YOO HOO!! It'll be beautiful!

Anonymous said...

i love, love, love, the new fabric you added! perfect contrast with the black. you do such beautiful work...glad the show has been a success. take good care of yourself.