Friday, July 11, 2008

1... Eye Of The Hurricane


"Tumbler Too"

You know how they say that when there is a hurricane, the time in the eye of the hurricane is beautiful? You have the storm before, then clear blue sky before the backside of the storm hits. That is kinda of where I am at the moment. I have had a storm of activity for the past 10 days... and the back half of the storm is going to blow in tomorrow with the actual show. But today, it is the calm.

I spent most of yesterday running my last minute pre-show errands. I got all the jewelry priced and packaged. My tablecloths are washed and ready to go. The car needs loading but there isn't much else I can do. There are no more beads to be made, no more jewelry to wire or string... I have done all I can do!

It has been great sharing this countdown with you all over the past 12 days. And thanks for following along with all my ups and downs. Don't worry... there is more to come. I wouldn't leave ya hangin'... I'll be back with a post game show wrap up!!

But before I kick back and lounge for the afternoon... I had to sneak in one last project last night. I decided that my booth sign needed a face lift. Out with the stripes... in with the turquoise. And all the photos were taken by my budding photographer, Jacob.

Wish me luck!


grandmacarnes said...

Love the sign, did you do it on canvas yourself, or is it a professional one you just touched up?

Michele H said...

Not sure why I couldn't see the comments yesterday but I can see them now.
Love the color combinations in these bracelets. I especially love Tumbler Too. I also like how your sign turned. Simple but classy.

Good luck this weekend. I'm sure you'll do great. I am not coming this year to Corn Hill or any of the other shows because we're on a tight budget. (Lead me not into temptation...!) Looking forward to finding out how you did afterwards. Keep us posted...

deehebard said...

Love the new pieces! Those colors are to die for...and the new turq in the know i would love that. Good luck with the show, I know it will be a great one for you.

Kerry said...

Thanks Gals.

grandmacarnes... I made the sign myself on canvas. It is about 3 years old and it was time for a facelift.

Michele... I'll miss seeing you at the show! But I hear ya on the budget thing. There will be no hats for us this year.

Thanks Deedee! I like the turquoise too!

Anonymous said...

hello, your designs are unique, colorful, and fun! i'm sure they will be loved. love, love, love these latest bracelets! would love to see you and the show but i'm in oregon and is a little to far away from you. have fun! sincerely, lisa d.

Cindy said...

What great final pieces to finish up your 12 day count down! The Tumbler bracelets are so creative -are these the wire Playgrounds that you mentioned? They are a great design. And I think your new sign turned out just perfect. I wish you the best tomorrow. Have a great time with Bonnie....and don't forget she deserves a little Fisher's too for helping out! :-)
~ Cindy