Thursday, July 10, 2008

2... Did You See That?

Did you see that yesterday? I think I might have grown a little bit right in front of your eyes. LOL. You would have to read the freaked out about earrings post then go to the comments and read what I said there. Basically, I have decided to embrace my inner spunky artist self and she says "Kerry, we aren't making things for the masses just because the status quo says we should. We are making what we are inspired to make and that's that. If we aren't feeling 'earrings', then we aren't making them." It was a HUGE relief to let that go, though I am not saying the panic won't come back. It just feels good not to pressure myself about something I really don't want to make.

So what did I do instead? AH... that is where today's pics come in. Sorry they aren't the super stellar pics you are used to, but those darken bottle caps anyway, so we are going with the kitchen table look.


For about 3 months now, I have been working these out in my head. I just never took the time sit down and do them. Finally, yesterday, I did a resin pour of just bracelet caps. I made about a dozen, a few over flowed and need re-pouring today. But all in all, I think I love it. I called my sister first thing this morning and zinged her an email with the photos. I got an "OMG that bracelet is HOT!" She went on to add, how much wire is on the outside of the cap, and can you turn that hook in so it doesn't snag my sweater. Good feedback.

The final results will be shown off at the show on Saturday!! You all are planning coming right?


Michele H said...

Love the bottle cap bracelet.

PS I don't see any comments on yesterday's post. Maybe you didn't "release" them?

Kerry said...

Thanks Michele!

Huh? Don't know why you can't see the comments. I approved all of them and they are posted. I double checked and I can see them. Weird.

Cindy said...

Hey Kerry
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these bracelets! They are modern and different and totally you all at the same time. And you havne't done the oxizidized look in a little while so I'm glad to see it. Your fans will loves these at the show. Sure wish I could be one of them.

Jo said...

That is so cool! I'm sure they'll be a big hit.

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Good for you, listening to your inner muse! I swear, people can sense when something is made with love, rather than made because you felt you HAD to have things in the booth.

Awesome stuff!