Tuesday, July 08, 2008

4... Slightly Side Tracked

Lariat Blues

Lariat Brights

Lariat Oranges

Aren't these fun? Gosh I love hollows!! For these, they aren't quite as long as their predecessors, these are only 26in, but they still do the job.

So, yesterday, I got a little side tracked. We had the home inspection done on our old house by the couple purchasing it!! YOO HOO!! (everything went fine with that) But that meant that I had to find something to do away from the house for 3 hours. Hmmm... what takes me about 3 hours to do? Why, painting a room, of course!!

This is Lauren's room in the new house. Now, don't get me wrong, I love color... but, this room had at least FOUR! Periwinkle trim, pink walls (and not a nice pink), green built in dressers, and a sort of white ceiling (not to mention the strange colors inside the closet). Apart from the bad paint, this room has so much going for it. Great light, beautiful floors, built ins, and neat slanted ceilings.

I figured while I couldn't be working on show stuff, I should be working on house stuff. So, I decided to start with that periwinkle trim. GWAD, what a nightmare!! I really should have primed it, but oh well, call me a lazy painter. Instead I did three coats of antique white. But do you notice how much cutting in that would be when painting the ceiling? Yeah, so I decided to paint that antique white too. What should have taken 3 hours, took about 6. I did 4 in the afternoon and then 2 more after torching and eating some dinner.

As for the walls, I need to pick that paint up today. I am thinking of going with a dark but vibrant purple called "Purple Royalty" from Lowe's, but then again, playing with their digital paint tool... I really like "Cosmic Berry". One is a more blue purple, and one a more red. I think I will have to decide in person.

Oh and check out my horoscope for today!

Tuesday, July 8 ~ You should find most things moving in a pretty positive direction for you today. Any problems involving friends and loved ones that seemed to be dragging on forever may finally be starting to reach some type of constructive resolution. And many things should be resuming on a much more productive note for you right now.

Guess that means I better get off this computer and get my butt to work!!


Anonymous said...

Such cool creations Kerry. Wish I could be at Cornhill - recovering from surgery and don't have the strength to walk in the crowd. Excited to know that you will be coming to Webster shortly! Marcia

ellen said...

I just realized why I've been so tired lately - it's YOU!!! Reading your blog makes me exhausted. OMG, Kerry, your life is so busy right now; you are amazing.
Your daughter's room is going to be so wonderful. I'll bet she's getting excited.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Lauren's room when it's done! Hope you're enjoying your kiddos' summer camp week. Stay cool today.

house painters said...

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CreekHiker said...

Take it from someone who has painted several rooms purple... lighter is better! It can get too dark, REALLY fast! And purple HAS to have primer to cover it!

Love the lariats!

Ginger said...

Hi Kerry, I left a message for you and Cassie over at Parallel Crossing's blog. I swear I am not a stalker lol... I just looked through your flickr photos, your work is SO awesome!! I was wondering if I can have your permission to use photos off Flickr to make into Digital scrapbooking goodies. I will state in my TOU that all images are sole property of Kerry... I don't know your last name... Your work totally inspires me!! I really hope you give me the OK!! Let me know ASAP so I can start creating :) Thanks, Ginger

Nicole Dufour-DuRocher said...

awww!!! Lauren's room looks exactly like my room I grew up in and that purple you is perfect ... lucky little girl!