Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Creative Jewelry 2008

Did you notice I added a new publication to the side panel on the right? Flip to page 13 and you'll find super easy instructions for my "Snagged" style necklaces!! 75 necklace projects, and yours truly is the first one in the necklace section. To keep the project short and sweet, the editors listed me as the source for the lampwork ring with sterling wire toggle. I will be working on those really soon and updating my Bead Box with them. BUT, I also decided that since these toggles are so super simple to make, that I would write the tutorial for it too and share it here on the blog. The tutorial is written... I just need to take the photos. So, keep checking back, and you should see it by the end of the week. :)

This isn't the only tutorial I have up my sleeve either! There will be two more publications out this fall with projects from me. But we'll keep those under wraps until they get here.

Meanwhile... I spent the early morning hours updating the Bevy Of Bracelets! There is a bunch of fresh goodies too be oogled at. LOL. And, should you see something you love but it isn't your size, just send me an email. Most of my bracelet designs lend themselves to easy sizing. I can add a link or take one out.

One thing you won't see are the new Bottle Cap Bracelets. I am planning to add the "Recycled Art Jewelry" section to my "Jewelry Shop" just for the bottle caps. I have about a half dozen new caps to post and just a couple of the bracelets left (everyone LOVED them at the show!). I am just not sure when I will get to posting them.

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