Monday, July 14, 2008

In and Out

Goodness... I thought after the show that things would slow down so I could catch my breath. Shows you what I know. Things were nuts today (an appointment for Lauren that should have been an hour was three hours!) and it is just going to get crazier. We are making plans to make the move to the new house this coming weekend!! I finished painting Lauren's room (Jacob's room is up next) and Ron is re-skinning the shed.

So, bare with me while I am in and out this week.

I did get new necklaces posted this morning!! Go check them out!! Plus, I decided that it isn't fair that y'all that are out of state have to pay shipping when locals come to the show and get to just pick things up. So, FREE SHIPPING IN JULY!! You get to pretend that you are right there in my booth at a show. Just use the coupon code JULY when you check out.

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