Wednesday, July 09, 2008

3... Shear Panic

B&W Snagged

"Think Pink" Bracelet

Okay, there aren't a ton of photos today because frankly, I don't have time to take a ton of pictures and edit them. So, two will have to do for today. And it isn't for lack of things to take pics of... I got a boat load... but the thing is, I have started to panic.

I was kind of wondering when this would set it. Turns out around 9:30pm last night was when. I was looking at my bevy of beautiful baubles when WHAM! it hit me... I have like no earrings... none... zip,zilch,nada... okay, not none but only like 5!! Had this hit me Monday or Tuesday I would have focused on nothing but earrings those days. I had planned on doing an earring day, remember, I mentioned it Sunday when I said I was burning out!! See, I knew I was burnt out... how could I not realize that I had no earrings?!?

The thing with earrings is they take a long time to make (at least if you are trying to make something really original), you have to make two of everything and make those doubles THE SAME SIZE. Then for all your work, they are usually the cheapest things on the tables because no one realizes what a pita they are to make.

I racked my brain last night trying to figure out what I am going to do about all this. While in the throws of shear earring-less panic... not the best time to try to problem solve. My mind was BLANK! Thankfully though, I have beady friends with IM that are up as late as me. Around 11pm, Lori Anderson was able to give me some ideas and calm me down. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY... I can get at least a few dozen made today. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that the torch and bead making gods are with me this morning, lol. I would hate to have a "bad bead day" (you know, those days where you can't even seem to make a solid color round bead) on a crunch day like this!


ellen said...

I sooooooooo understand you on the earring issue. They are my least favorite things to make. Two beads the same size? Oh, noooooo. Makes me edgy.
Good thing Lori's a night owl, eh?

Anne said...

I was going to ask "why no flings this season," but now I'm just throwing it out there in case they're part of a solution. Hang in there!

deehebard said...

Not to worry always have great work at Cornhill! is all about quality and imagination...not quantity.

Lori said...

I agree with deehebard, quality beats quantity every time!
You will be fine. Have a successful earring day!

Kerry said...

It has only been a few hours adn I am bored outta my skull with earrings already! I don't wanna, I don't wanna!!

I bet "famous" artists don't worry about weither or not they have earrings... they just make what they want to make. They do what they wanna do. Say what they want to say... lol.

Screw earrings... I will just go with the flow!

Anonymous said...

Go with the flow and do what your creative juices want you to do. I am loving teh new color combos. The Pink and black is a great combo.