Monday, August 08, 2011

Festival Sites

park ave 5
park ave 4

:: thurs evening a major bout of melancholy swallowed me up
:: teenagers can be so rotten
:: studio time and a sisterly stroll through a street festival can help combat a lot of things
:: cool new graphic tees rock!
:: i wish i had the gumption to dress in a beautiful marionette costume... curly black wig, corset, red button lips, and all (image link takes you to a flickr photo of the same marionette seen above taken by a different, random person)
:: no need to remind me again why i no longer do street shows
:: all the "art" was in the people watching...
:: oh how i wanted that dress another gal was wearing

park ave 3

:: the two houses in the first photo are both for sale
:: i would buy the victorian over the brown stone, and i would be a few houses down from my sister
:: i could be a city girl... i really could
:: it isn't wise to walk a street show hungry, as is evident by several photos of vendor food signs in my photo downloads
:: there is a risk of rain for the next three days, maybe the lawn will come back to life
:: i think my coffee needs a bit more creamer
:: 'member me sayin' i wanted to run my 5 mile long block by august? yeah, i have done it twice now!
:: sometimes i think i have a million random things to say and then suddenly i can't think of a single one
:: yeah, i got nothin'
:: i wonder how many random things will pop into my head next week?

park ave 2
park ave 1


Sally Anderson said...

I'm curious where this was -- where the pictures were taken. So picturesque and old-timey (and I don't mean the instamatic setting either). Just loved the feel of this!

Kerry said...

hey sally,
this was at the park ave fest in downtown rochester ny. it is set along park avenue between the rows of old victorian houses.

Cindy said...

Loved the pictures, Kerry. And as SAlly said - the old timey feel. And you know which one caught my eye - the Maryland-style crab cakes! I have to admit I've been enjoying my share of those being here at the beach. :-)

Sally Anderson said...

Well that makes sense! I went to college in Geneseo (eons ago) and spent some time in Roch. Now I see why this seemed so homey and felt so real! I love that!! Thanks, Kerry!