Thursday, August 18, 2011

More About DeFindings

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Do you notice anything special about these pieces of jewelry? I mean, other than the fact they are all bright and colorful. Not a single one of them contains a commercial finding. Okay, the chain is available commercially, but that is besides the point, I don't consider chain a finding. Look close and you'll see that all the clasps are handmade, all the links are handmade, and if I had a photo of earrings anywhere in my 261 pages of photos on Flickr you would see that all the ear wires I make are handmade as well. I truly couldn't be more excited about my new class DeFindings: Detailing Your Designs at ArtBliss (coming up in September!), because I will be teaching you all about adding these kind of handmade details to your own jewelry creations.

I wanted to take a moment to tell you exactly the kind of things I'll be showing you over the course of our 3 evening hours together...
  • Clasps - hooks, s clasps, and two kinds of toggles
  • Ear Wires - classic fish hook, french style, and hoops
  • Extras - jump rings, headpins, dolled up wrapped loops, and easy s links
We'll spend about an hour on each of the topics, so the pace will be quick, but you will be learning a ton of information and I hope to be sending you back to your hotel rooms with a collection of your own handmade samples to begin using in your own designs.

Making your own findings saves you money, gives your pieces a more unique look, and is just one way you can begin to really set yourself apart from the massive ocean of jewelry designers out there. If you can make it to Washington DC on September 25, you are gonna LOVE this class!! Be sure to check out the supply list, I think everything you need is probably already in your jewelry studio (or toolbox).

As an added incentive, Cindy and Jeanette (ArtBliss Organizers) are waving the registration fee of $40 for students that will only be taking an evening class. If you are taking multiple classes throughout the event, the registration fee still applies. So that means, just $65 and you are going to be on your way to creating beautiful jewelry findings!!

I hope to see you there!!

PS... remember too... if you want to learn how to take your jewelry photos to the next level and learn to take photos like the ones shared in this post, I am teaching Snaptastic at ArtBliss on the 25th as well!! Come spend the entire day with me and by the end of the day, not only will you have loads of new things to add to your jewelry, you'll know how to take awesome photos of it as well. 

PPS... so many awesome things are happening behind the scenes in regards to my Snaptastic class. You really aren't going to want to miss this.


Rebecca said... Kerry, *stunning* jewellery and even more **stunning** (really needs those 4*!) photographs! You should set up your own entire creative business - you can do the beads, the wire, the findings, the're too stinking talented my dear! If only Washington wasn't so far from the UK...*sigh*....

Barbara Bechtel said...

This looks FANTASTIC! I so wish I could go!

Marina said...

Do you think you could turn the Snaptastic workshop into an online workshop??? That way all of us unhappy campers that live in other parts of the world (Puerto Rico) could also learn (and you can make some extra cash from the online class).

Sally Anderson said...

Oh, Kerry. You are so immensely talented and your work is so joyful. What a gift! I wish I could be at ArtBliss to soak up all you have to offer! I love every single one of these pieces!

Kerry said...

Marian, it is in the works!!

And thank you ladies!!

Elisabeth said...

I don't want to seem stalkerish but your twoclasses are the two I signedup for at ArtBliss - I am beyond excited! I am hoping to talk my sweet husband in a kitchen pass for the Friday night reception too :-)

Kerry said...

Hooray! I look forward to seeing you there, Elizabeth!!

Cindy said...

Can't wait for your classes, Kerry!!